New York’s newest Apple Store has a dedicated pick-up zone

Apple opened its newest Apple Store in New York this week, Apple The Mall on Bay Plaza, which is also Apple’s first retail location in the Bronx.

Hobbyist “Apple Store” Michael Steeber has partnered with Storeteller to virtually view the new 360-degree location, giving us an in-depth look at the features and improvements that Apple has brought to its latest “Apple Store”.

Apple The Mall on Bay Plaza may look similar to most other Apple outlets, but it has a unique feature – a dedicated pick-up zone. The pick-up area is a permanent installation in the store, with a dedicated table where customers can purchase their new devices from employees and, more interestingly, a wall of built-in drawers that hold all pick-up orders.

bronx download zone for apple trade

At most Apple retail locations, employees have to go to the back to pick up orders sent for pick-up at the store, but that won’t be the case with Apple The Mall at Bay Plaza, which is the first store with these settings rather than a forum area.

In addition to the pick-up area, the store also features a space with round training tables and a range of forum showcases. Along the walls are leather seats for those waiting for meetings at the Genius Bar, and the front of the store is fitted with sliding glass doors.

Be sure to check out the entire store guide to get a feel for the new design.

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