New Plugable universal docking station facilitates hot-desking

The new Plugable UD-3900C universal docking station is an affordable hot-desking tool for Mac and PC. This allows hybrid workers to easily connect and return to work when they return to the office, even if they always use another desk.

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Universal docking station and hot-desking

A big problem for workers who work from home when they show up at work with their laptop is connectivity. There are never enough ports or the right kind of port to connect all the necessary things. Things like keyboard, mouse, SSDs, monitors and more. But with a universal docking station like Plugable’s new product, it’s easy.

Plugable said it designed the UD-3900C for hot-table workers and hybrid workers. It has the connections needed to connect a number of USB ports, HDMI outputs, and even Gigabit Ethernet and audio connections.

“The days of the traditional office environment are over. Smart, advanced companies are adapting to open office concepts with systems that allow employees to filter and leave and work efficiently from anywhere, ”said Bernie Thompson, founder and CEO of Plugable. “Plugable’s UD-3900C docking station is designed for a variety of work scenarios, whether at home or at work, with each port needed to support an efficient workplace with easy setup and configuration.”

Hot-desking and hospitality could become the norm

With the new product, Plugable seems to be addressing obvious needs and a growing market.

Many companies have reduced their business premises amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they are looking for ways to hire hybrid workers. These workers can do their jobs at home part-time and in the office part-time. This means that jobs need hotel accommodation and hot tables that are fully capable and easy to use.

Hot-desking typically uses unallocated desks with basic peripherals connected via a docking station to the office network. Different workers can use the same desk on different days, every time they show up, plug in their laptop and go to work. Hoteling is similar to hot-desking, but includes workers who book their preferred tables.

A universal docking station is key

In a hot desk situation, a docking station such as the UD-3900C is located there and connects all peripherals and internal tools, making them ready for each user and their laptop. The user only connects to the station using a hybrid 2-in-1 cable that most USB-A or USB-C laptops can use.

The UD-3900C is a device with one plug and two HDMI ports that support resolutions up to 1,920 × 1,080. It also has a Gigabit Ethernet port for wired connection, two USB 3.0 Type-A ports, four USB 2.0 Type-A ports, one audio input and one audio output. Plugable provides a hybrid 2-in-1 USB-A and USB-C cable for laptops.

Mac users can get full functionality from the UD-3900-C by installing a driver that includes support for two monitors for Apple M1 Macs. Windows and USB-C connectivity is ready as it is.

Prices and availability

The UD-3900C docking station is available at a variety of retailers, including Amazon, for $ 119. A $ 15 launch coupon is also available. You can apply it at the checkout.

Where to buy: Amazon

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