New iPad mini vs. iPad mini 5: a detailed comparison

After two and a half years of waiting since the last update, the completely redesigned iPad mini has officially arrived along with the iPhone 13. The exciting change for Apple’s compact tablet comes with a larger full-screen design, USB-C, A15 Bionic chip, camera upgrades, 5G, support for Apple Pencil gen 2 and more. Read on for a detailed look at the new iPad mini compared to the iPad mini 5 and iPad Air.

In recent years, the iPad mini has shown its age more than ever as it has retained the same design it has more or less had since 2012, while the iPad Pro and iPad Air have evolved with all screens and a flat-edged buttonless design.

An exciting move, Apple has brought the iPad mini into the future with its sixth-generation version taking over most of the big improvements we’ve seen coming in modern iPad Pro and Air devices.

Let’s dive into everything you get with the new iPad mini. In case you’re also thinking about the iPad Air 4, we’ll include that in the comparisons below. And if you’re torn between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro, we have a detailed analysis of these devices as well:

The new iPad mini compared to the iPad mini 5 and iPad Air

CPU / GPU, RAM, more

Interestingly, like the iPad Air 4, it slightly skipped the iPad Pro with the A14 chip over the A12Z (in some respects), the new 6th generation iPad mini does the same as the iPad Air with the A15 Bionic chip. The A14 and A15 don’t seem to differ much, but the new iPad mini also gets features like Center Stage and 5G that the iPad Air doesn’t have (more on that below).

But the A15 revolves around the A12 Bionic that was in the iPad mini 5. Here’s how Apple describes the jump in performance:

The 6-core CPU delivers a 40 percent performance jump, and the 5-core graphics processor delivers an 80 percent jump in graphics performance over the previous generation iPad mini.

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 5 iPad Air 4
Chip A15 Bionic A12 Bionic A14 Bionic
CPU cores 6 6 6
GPU cores 5 4 4
Storage 64 or 256 GB 64 or 256 GB 64 or 256 GB


new iPad mini versus iPad mini 5 - screen specifications comparison

Since Apple has adopted the design of almost the entire screen for the iPad mini, you get a larger screen that actually comes with a smaller surface area than the iPad mini 5.

There’s no ProMotion because it’s only on the iPad Pro. Otherwise, you get an impressive Liquid Retina screen that is the largest ever on the iPad mini.

The pixels per inch remain the same at 326, which is more than 264 on the iPad Air, and the brightness stays at 500 nits.

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 5 iPad Air 4
Display 8.3 ″ 7.9 ″ 10.9 ″
Resolution 2266 x 1488 2048 x 1536 2360 x 1640
PPI (pixels per inch) 326 326 264
Screen brightness 500 500 500
True Tone
P3 wide color
ProMotion (120Hz)
Anti-reflection coating
Liquid mesh screen

I / O

new iPad mini versus iPad mini 5 - I / O comparison

Another big update is the transition from Lightning to USB-C. This opens up the possibility of using a range of USB-C hubs and accessories, external drives and more.

Other I / O enhancements include Wi-Fi 6, support for the Apple Pencil gen 2, 5G and Touch ID now in the top button.

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 5 iPad Air 4
Wi-Fi Wi-fi 6 (axle) Wi-fi 5 (ac) Wi-fi 6 (axle)
bluetooth 5.0 5.0 5.0
Cellular 5G 4G 4G
Touch ID Button at the top Start button Button at the top
Apple pen 2nd gen 1st gen 2nd gen


The new iPad mini 6 surprised with great camera improvements! By skipping the iPad Air again, the iPad mini gets an ultra-wide front camera with automatic Center Stage tracking.

You also have a 12 MP wide rear lens, now with a flash. Other features include extended dynamic range and 4K video.

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 5 iPad Air 4
12 MP wide lens 8 (8 MP)
4K video
Aperture f1.8 f2.4 f1.8
Extended dynamic range
Slo-mo video
Rear camera flash
FaceTime / Front camera 12 MP ultra wide 7 MP 7 MP
Front camera 2x reduction
Automatic monitoring in the central phase

Colors, dimensions, battery

colors, dimensions, battery

Interesting colors this time with starlight replace silver, and pink and purple combine cosmic gray.

In terms of weight, the iPad mini 6 is the same as its predecessor with 0.65 kilograms, and for dimensions it has a smaller footprint with a height of 7.69 ″ compared to 8.0 ″ for the iPad mini 5. Battery life remains the same until ” 10 o’clock. ”

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 5 iPad Air 4
Colors Space gray, pink, purple, starlight Space gray, silver, gold Space gray, silver, rose gold, green, sky blue
Weight 0.65 lbs (293 grams) 300.5 grams 1 pound (458 grams)
Height 7.69 ″ (195.4 mm) 8.0) (203.2 mm) 9.74 ″ (247.6 mm)
Width 5.3 ″ (134.8 mm) 5.3 ″ (134.8 mm) 7.02 ″ (178.5 mm)
Thickness 0.25) (6.3 mm) 0.24) (6.1 mm) 0.24) (6.1 mm)
Battery life Up to 10 hours web / video Up to 10 hours web / video Up to 10 hours web / video

Price and storage

The storage options are the same as we saw with the iPad mini 5, and they match the iPad Air 4. As for the price, there’s an increase of $ 100 ($ 120 for mobile phones), but you’re sure to get a lot of money for your money.

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 5 iPad Air 4
64 GB WiFi $ 499 $ 399 599 USD
64GB + cell $ 649 $ 529 $ 729
256 GB WiFi $ 649 $ 549 $ 749
256GB + cell $ 799 $ 679 $ 879

New iPad mini compared to iPad mini 5 and Air finish

new picture of the hero iPad mini 6

For some, the new iPad mini unveiled at Apple’s September event overshadowed the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro with such a large and anticipated overhaul that will arrive for Apple’s most portable tablet.

While you have a more expensive starting price of $ 499, you really get a lot of money here with a brand new screen and design, USB-C, A15 chip, 5G option, upgraded cameras including Center Stage car tracking and more.

Are you planning to upgrade to a new iPad mini? Orders are now open, and the first devices arrive to users from the week of September 20th.

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