Never lose your Apple TV remote again

Elago has covered you with its new Apple TV remote cases, plus a practical holder.
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Have you ever lost a remote for an Apple TV? What a nuisance. But Elago’s new accessories for Apple TV – a nice bunch of cases for your remote control, as well as brackets for it and your Apple TV hardware – help prevent loss. And make thoughtful gifts for Apple fans.

San Diego-based designer Elago recently unveiled the Nintendo-style keychain for the AirTag, a diverse set of cases for AirPods 3 and a line of cases for the iPhone 13. Now the company offers some new solutions for your Apple TV and remote control .

2nd generation R-Series cases for your Siri remote control

Elago recently released the second generation of its Apple TV cases. The company announced that its original R1 case is the best-selling case for remote control of Apple TV on Amazon. Keeping in mind the second generation Apple TV, the Elago is bringing back its R line with some new additions, refreshing its R1, R2, R3 and R4 remote control housings. The R1 housing now has magnets to attach the housing to any metal surface. The R4 looks like a classic game console controller. New design this year, the R5 case allows you to install the Apple AirTag. Never lose the remote again.

Where to buy: Amazon

Remote holders

If you would rather make some space for your Apple TV remote control instead of watching it, then Elago’s remote control holders of different sizes in different sizes can help. The carrier comes in small, medium and large sizes. The small size contains only the Siri remote control. Large size can accommodate up to three remotes. You can either screw the bracket into the wall or use a gel pad to stick it to the wall.

Prices range from $ 7.99 to $ 12.99.

Where to buy: Amazon

Multi bracket for Apple TV

Elago calls its Apple TV stand a one-stop solution for your editing needs. Install your Apple TV by attaching it to a wall, attaching it to the metal surface of the TV, or hanging it anywhere with tape. In addition to screws and straps, the carrier magnets allow it to be attached to the TV or any metal surface.

The price is currently $ 18.99, discounted from $ 25.99. You can click to take advantage of an additional 5% discount via coupon.

Where to buy: Amazon

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