Netgear introduces the Orbi Pro SXK50 AX5400 networking system for small and medium businesses

Netgear Business – a branch of Netgear focused on SMB / SME – has been delivering mesh Wi-Fi systems to small businesses as part of the 2017 Orbi Pro line. Pro SXK80 models in late 2020. Last year, a reduced two-band version of the AX1800 – the Orbi Pro SXK30 – was introduced for $ 300. As part of the announcement of CES 2022, the company presents the Orbi Pro mid-range model – the SXK50 series.

The SXK50 series consists of the AX5400 model, with routers and satellites carrying four wired ports. Netgear segments models solely on hardware and maintains business features such as multiple networks, VLAN SSIDs and network isolation / segmentation, etc. consistent throughout the line.

The SXK50 (one router and one satellite) is priced at $ 450 – however, a five-year subscription to Insight Remote Management is included in the price. This leans value supply in his favor despite the lack of tri-band capabilities seen in the SXK80 series.

The Orbi Pro line also gets a new software feature in the form of Insight Business VPN that allows multiple units to form a VPN connection in multiple locations along with a shared SSID. This allows for uninterrupted roaming through office and home locations for employee devices.

In other announcements of new hardware, Netgear also introduces a 2.5Gbps PoE ++ fanless switch – MS108EUP – priced at $ 440. This Ultra60 PoE ++ Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch provides a power budget of up to 60W / port (PoE ++) for four ports and 30W / port (PoE +) for the other four, with a total budget not exceeding 230W. PoE ++ switches with NBASE-T support are becoming increasingly popular in business circles, thanks to new 802.11ax access points that have both high power consumption and bandwidth capabilities. The recent increase in PoE-powered business equipment such as IP cameras, speakers and LED lights has also contributed to this demand.

The new MS108EUP switch complements the WAX630 AX6000 flagship access point introduced in mid-2021, enabling full-speed (2.5 Gbps) operation with a single uplink cable. Plus switches come with a simple configuration web page, allowing PoE control per port.

Netgearā€™s business arm has been on the road lately, expanding its portfolio far beyond the switches they were traditionally known for. Their business mesh systems, internal access points and complementary switch models, together with the integrated cloud-based remote control product (Insight), represent convincing market choices for SMEs.

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