Netflix is ​​filming a documentary about the QuadrigaCX Bitcoin saga

Netflix has announced a list of upcoming documentaries on real crime. Along with the second season , there is a documentary about the journey that will dive into one of.

Don’t trust anyone: Hunting for the king’s crypt 2022. It focuses on a group of cryptocurrency investors who have become amateur detectives. They are trying to get to the bottom of the suspicious death of crypto exchange founder Gerald Cotten and figure out what actually happened to the $ 250 million they think he stole from them.

Cotten was the founder of QuadrigaCX, which is said to be the largest crypto exchange in Canada. He died in December 2018 from complications of Crohn’s disease. According to his widow Jennifer Robertson, Cotten was the only one who knew the passwords for the QuadrigaCX offline crypto repository, meaning that a digital currency worth around 200 million CAD in early 2019 was no longer available.

However, internet attackers have revealed some details about the saga that cause eyebrows. First, Cotten wrote a will a month before his death in which he left all his property to Robertson. There were also suggestions that QuadrigaCX did not have enough money on hand to pay all of its creditors, and even that Cotten faked his death and disappeared with the money. The company ceased operations in 2019 after it was declared bankrupt.

That year, the FBI launched an investigation into those who lost money after Cotten’s death and the collapse of QuadrigaCX. It remains to be seen whether the documentary will contain any specific details about resolving the saga, but it should at least direct the spotlight toward one of the more curious crypto cases of recent years.

It is also on its way to Netflix , a documentary about a fraudster posing as a billionaire on a meeting app and the women who tried to stop him. The documentary will start airing in February.

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