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The Wren clan flies once again: Lucasfilm’s Mandalorian spinoff revolves around post-The return of the Jedi the life of Ahsoke Tano found another rebel ally to use force.

Rock reports it SocietyNatasha Liu Bordizzo will play the role of Sabine Wren, celebrating Star Wars Rebels debut character live. Wren, which is over events from Rebels– located approximately 14 years before the event Mandalorac—was a Mandalorian who was rejected by her family and friends after going to training at the Imperial Academy, before joined the crew Ghost in the Lothal Rebel cell, and expressed herself in all her animated performances lähde: Tiya Sircar.

Little is known about it Ahsoka, except that Rosario Dawson will repeat his role Mandalorac‘s second season as a live-action interpretation Clone wars i Rebels character, a former Jedi who assisted the early days of the rebellion as part of a network of secret agents Fulcrum. The show will they also have a look by Attack of the clones i Revenge of the SieveHayden Christensen as Ahsoka’s former Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker. That there is a lot of talk pick up the plot threads established in the final epilogue Star Wars Rebels, where Ahsoka returned to the planet Lothal to recruit Sabine in search of discovering where the main protagonist of the series, Ezra Bridger, disappeared after a supreme battle for her home world, along with an imperial officer (and Star Wars Legend of the Expanded Universe) Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Production included Ahsoka, first officially published last year in Briefing on Disney Investor Day next to another Mandalorian spinoff, since-supposedly-paused Rangers of the New Republic, should start in 2022.

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