MyCharge Mag-Lock Review: iPhone MagSafe power bank with clasp

Power banks in the new MyCharge Mag-Lock series use magnets from Apple’s MagSafe system to attach to the iPhone. They come in capacities of 3000mAh, 6000mAh and 9000mAh, with the largest being able to triple the time that the handset can pass between charges. No power cord is required, and you can use iPhone while it’s charging.

I examined all three sizes of power bank. Read on to find out how they got up.

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MyCharge Mag-Lock Review

This accessory is intended for public use, and MyCharge has given a lot of thought to their looks. All three devices are available in five iPhone 12 colors: graphite, Pacific blue, white, red and purple. Their finish is designed to protect against scratches, stains and faded colors.

Every edge and corner is rounded so these products fit the look of the iPhone.

Wireless charging

Traditional external batteries are useless if you do not have a power cord with you. On the other hand, Mag-Lock power banks use wireless charging. Just put the iPhone on the battery and the power will start to flow.

Accessories include a raised coil for a certain separation between the package and the phone, helping to dissipate heat better than typical flat batteries.

As mentioned, these devices take advantage of the MagSafe system. This includes magnets built into the back of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. The magnets attach to those in the MyCharge Mag-Lock power banks and align the charging coils each time. And hold the two devices together while using the handset. The connection is solid – I had no problem breaking them up.

However, Mag-Lock batteries do not offer faster charging of MagSafe. They expose 5 watts, which is far less than 15 W of some MagSafe accessories. This means that it may take about 3.5 hours for the iPhone to fully charge.

MyCharge built into the sound “jerk” when connecting or disconnecting iPhone. Or start charging any of these power banks.

Regardless of the storage capacity of the MyCharge Mag-Lock series, each version has a raised charging coil and a USC-C connector.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

Wireless charging

The Mag-Lock series is powered via the USB-C port on the bottom edge. The charging cable comes in a box just for this, or you can use it for a Mac or iPad.

As a bonus, you can use a USB-C port to charge a device that does not have MagSafe. And it works while the iPhone is also charging. I tested with my iPad Pro to be sure.

MyCharge Mag-Lock 3000mAh

The smallest of the three Mag-Lock options is 4.0 inches 2.6 inches and 0.4 inches. It weighs 0.24 pounds. It was completely convenient for me to attach this to the back of the iPhone and continue to use the handset while charging.

The two stick together tightly, and the combination isn’t too bulky. It’s not ideal — you’ll want to use Mag-Lock only when you need it, not constantly. But it adds hours of use.

This version of the “baby bear” stores 3000mAh. In my real-world test, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 gave 53% charge. That’s enough to spend the rest of the extremely long day after the built-in battery is depleted.

Exactly how you will get a battery shock depends on your device. Pro Max models have significantly larger built-in batteries, so this power bank is relatively smaller. Yet it is still the same strength.

MyCharge Mag-Lock 3000mAh
The MyCharge Mag-Lock 3000mAh fits nicely on the back of the 6.1-inch iPhone 12.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

MyCharge Mag-Lock 6000mAh

The “mom bear” version of MyCharge’s new power banks is 4.0 inches 2.6 inches and 0.7 inches. It weighs 0.36 pounds.

During testing, I found that it is possible to continue using the iPhone with this cut on the back, but the combination is a bit awkward. The battery is thick and a bit heavy.

But don’t lock yourself into the idea that the only way to use a Mag-Lock power bank is while holding it. You wouldn’t expect that with a standard 6000 mAh battery. In this case, the real advantage of MagSafe is that you don’t have to worry about having a charging cable. Just put the iPhone on the battery and you’re ready.

Also, the battery can act as a stand with a 6.1-inch iPhone 13 or iPhone 12. Attach it to the back of the phone, put the combination in landscape mode and you’re ready to watch a movie. However, I’m not sure how well this will work with the iPhone Pro Max or mini.

In multiple tests, a 6,000 mAh version of the MyCharge Mag-Lock gave the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 120% charge. That’s enough for another day of use.

Again, you’ll see a smaller increase in battery percentage if you have an iPhone Pro Max, but you’ll get the same amount of power.

MyCharge Mag-Lock 9000mAh

And now we come to the “pop bear”. This largest version is 4.0 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.9 inches. It weighs 0.49 pounds. You may have noticed the topic here: the only dimension in which the three attachments differ is thickness. And weight, of course.

Part of MyCharge’s marketing for this series says, “The bigger the Mag-Lock, the easier it is to keep.” True, it is easier to hold a power bank because it is almost an inch thick. But it also adds almost a pound. In my opinion, you only need to keep your iPhone with this version of the series attached in an emergency. The rest of the time, hang up the handset to charge like any other large battery.

MyCharge Mag-Lock 9000mAh with iPhone 12
It doesn’t make much sense to keep the Mag-Lock 9000mAh. Still, it sits nicely on the table.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

In this regard, the trick of using the battery as a stand works in both portrait and landscape modes with this large size accessory.

During my tests, the 9000mAh version of the MyCharge Mag-Lock gave the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 189% charge. (Which, of course, had more test drives.) That’s enough to go through a long weekend of camping without access to a wall outlet.

To repeat just in case, those using the iPhone Pro Max will see a lower battery rise even though they are getting the same amount of power.

Final thoughts

The fact that I have to carry an iPhone battery charging cable is an unnecessary irritant. And with MagSafe accessories like the MyCharge series, the Mag-Lock cable becomes unnecessary.

iPhone 12 with MyCharge Mag-Lock 3000mAh
All MyCharge Mag-Lock series neatly fit on the back of the iPhone 12.
Photo: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

The storage capacity range of these external batteries means that different users will like each one. The 3000mAh version can be used for fast boost while cut on the iPhone. A 9000 mAh device can keep your device running for days and days, but you’ll probably only want to plug it in overnight. The 6000mAh is a mix of the two – your iPhone is heavy but usable with a fixed element, and the power bank can more than double the battery life.


You can download the 3000 mAh battery for $ 49.99 on the myCharge website.

Buys from: Amazon

The 6000 mAh “mama bear” version costs $ 59.99 on the myCharge website.

Buys from: Amazon

And the “big daddy” 9000mAh costs $ 69.99 on the myCharge website.

Buys from: Amazon

Comparable products

Other companies produce their own MagSafe batteries that attach to your iPhone. There is a Mophie Snap + Juice Pack Mini that holds 5000mAh. Don’t miss my review.

There’s also a Sanho HyperJuice magnetic wireless battery ($ 39.99). It also has a capacity of 5000 mAh. I reviewed this one as well.

Or there’s Apple’s MagSafe battery pack. This has a few tricks, like iOS integration, but it has less power and costs $ 99.

MyCharge provided Cult Maca with review units for this article. See our review policy and other detailed reviews of Apple-related items.

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