My Heroic Academy: Chapter 337, The Consequences of a Traitor

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One of the things they often create My Hero Academy so compelling to read (and watch) is Deku. It’s as funny as watching Bakuga overreact to everything or drag him in a superhero spectacle of all, using the once helpless Izuku Midori as an anchor point to repel other characters in trouble heroic angst gives the story a strong heart that can always be used for an exciting effect. And while there’s obviously no problem with kicking or kicking to get out of danger, things really do shine when you remind yourself that Deku’s heart is his true superpower all the time, no matter how shabby it sounds.

The picture for the article entitled My Heroic Academy would like to remind you that Deku - and friendship - is magic

A few weeks ago in Chapter 335, that it seemed like traitor in UA who worked for One for All and the League of Villains — which hadn’t been part of the manga plot for some time — was Hagakure, an invisible Class 1-A girl. While fans went crazy, made jokes or wondered if it could really be to Apparently, the real traitor turned out to be a controversial French boy with a laser navel, Yuga Aoyama. Instead of his actions stemming from the belief that the society of the hero should be reversed, Chapters 336 and 337 reveal that the real reasons are far more tragic for a boy who cannot stop trembling.

U My hero world, powerless birth makes everyone see you as a minor, and that stigmatization is much stronger when you are born into a rich family like Yuga was. This is something that was only briefly touched on in the early moments of the manga through Deku, and if the harassment he received from Bakuga and the other children was any indication, it would be considerably worse for Yuga. But regardless of whether it is out of true love or they do not want to be expelled from their social circle in the endThe Aoyamas desperately want their child to gain power.

The picture for the article entitled My Heroic Academy would like to remind you that Deku - and friendship - is magic

Picture: Kohei Horikoshei / Shonn Jump

After hearing rumors about the ability of the One for All to give power, the parents gladly let the villain do his job on their little son so as not to ruthlessly tease or harass him as he grows up. After Yuga was admitted to the UA, One for All decided to charge his share of the work and began instructing the kid to start leaking information to evade, so as not to become an orphan or be killed. Manga was never afraid to show how the family’s expectations of a child can completely destroy them, and through the narration you realize that Yuga is somehow blaming himself for bringing his family into this situation. Thrown into a corner and frightened beyond himself, Yuga could only obey the orders given to him, even when he fell in love with the other 1-A children through all the life-threatening events they had survived together. Yuga has so far mostly been written as a joke, but he tried to make a legitimate game of heroes when One for All was behind bars, which makes things even more heartbreaking when his friends seek answers after learning of his scam.

Sitting in front of grieving 1-A children and key UA staff, Yuga finds no excuses and is doing well in his self-hatred, which only grew after he found out what Deku had achieved even though he was originally Quirkless. But, since he is Deku Deku, he cannot find in himself to be angry at someone who had no other options. He also verbalizes these thoughts with passionate speech that reminds the South of the good he has done in the past and the good he has done. I can do it in a way that reminds you of the day the Almighty told him he could achieve own heroic dreams.

As My hero advancing to any next part of his saga, the foundations of the Society of Heroes will have to change so that discrimination against Quirkless would not lead to others being exploited like Yuga. As a public symbol after the war between the Heroes and the Villains, Deku is in a key position to make that happen, and Yuga may be needed to shed light on that concern in a way that will be too hard for the world to ignore.

The picture for the article entitled My Heroic Academy would like to remind you that Deku - and friendship - is magic

Picture: Kohei Horikoshei / Shonn Jump

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