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OLED Nintendo Switch First look

Photography: Sam Rutherford

The Nintendo Switch has never been the most modern console on the market. But after seeing the impact of what a handful of calculated upgrades did for new OLED switch, it seems that Nintendo has finally created the hybrid console I wanted from the beginning.

TThe price of the new OLED switch is 350 USD, $ 50 more than the base model, and for that dough you get the following characteristics (ranked according to what I think are the first most important extras):

  • Larger 7-inch OLED screen (6.2 inches)
  • Enhanced stereo speakers
  • Dual basic memory (64 GB, vs. 32 GB)
  • New docking station with built-in Ethernet port
  • Redesigned footrest
  • Fresh black and white color scheme

OLED Nintendo Switch

Photography: Sam Rutherford

OhApparently, the biggest upgrade to the OLED switch is its new 7-inch OLED screen, which finally adds the kind of richness and color saturation that people are used to seeing on modern phones, tablets, and even some laptops. Despite my initial reservations about Nintendo to keep the resolution of the OLED switch at 720p, after playback Metroid Dread for about an hour, I can say that these fears were unfounded.

TThe larger screen makes gaming in manual mode much more enjoyable, even with a slight reduction in overall pixel density. Wif you hold an OLED switch about a foot and a half away from your face or more I can’t make out individual pixels, so things look just as sharp as before.

OLED Nintendo Switch

Just look at how deep the red letter in “Dread ” it seems.
Photography: Sam Rutherford

Since Nintendo managed to fit that new 7-inch OLED screen into the switch by reducing the frames and not really increasing the overall size of the system, the proportions of the OLED switch look and feel even better, which definitely contributes to the overall immersion when playing on the go. Honestly, even if Nintendo didn’t upgrade anything else, the OLED Switch’s screen is new worth an extra $ 50 all to yourself.

Wthe hen is playing Metroid Dread, the response I got while driving the Samus almost brought the feeling that the OLED switch screen offers a slightly reduced input latency, although I admit that this is partly due to the new 2D Metroid play. There is no hatred towards everyone Metroid Prime fans out there, but jumping, bending over and shooting through an old school network-based map is simply a feeling well, and it’s nice to have freshness in the legendary 2021 franchise.

TThe original announcement of the OLED Switch made a sound Seems like more as a bonus than as a basic upgrade. But for people who enjoy playing on the hand, it’s a real boon. Of course, it doesn’t come close to 3D surround sound or anything like that, and the OLED switch speakers won’t shake the room, but the new speakers add a little extra clarity and detail that you really appreciate.

The New 64 GB OLED switch memory is probably the latest improvement, because honestly, 32 GB barely reduced it in 2017. If if you have had a Switch for a long time or are just running fast through games, you will still need a microSD card slot. But for more casual players or people who stick to the same title for a long time, it was addedThe storage on the board is enough that you may not have to buy a microSD card in general, and it’s a potential savings.

Then comes the new Ethernet port on the OLED Switch docking station, which is practically necessary for competitiveness. Smash Bros. players, and comes with a bonus helping you keep the mess behind media console to a minimum. TOLED switch stand functions a much wider base instead of the ice cream stick Nintendo used to use, well supporting An OLED switch on a desk actually seems like a sensible idea, rather than checking to see if the system’s breathing is enough to drop.

And finally, there’s the new color scheme. Now I’m not here to tell you what colors you should like, but as someone who immediately bought another set of matching red Joy-con for my launch switch, I think the new white Joy-Con looks so fresh and so clean.

OLED Nintendo Switch

Photography: Sam Rutherford

I only spent an hour with the new OLED switch, but it already seems obvious to me anyone who if there is no Switch already, you should get an OLED model. It’s not even close. Between the new OLED screen, better speakers and more includedfor on-board storage, the OLED Switch is basically a console I wish I could have bought back in 2017. It’s more than an update—The OLED switch is the new default switch.

For us who already own the Switch, decides whether the upgrade is a little harder. If I could pay $ 50 or even $ 100 for an upgrade, I would. But spending an extra $ 350 to replace something that has served me well in the last four years is a much bigger issue, especially because my main frustration with the current switch is Joy-Con drift, which the new OLED switch does not solve (at least as much as I can say).

OLED Nintendo Switch

Photography: Sam Rutherford

But at the same time, the improved image quality you get from that OLED screen is great and I can’t blame any current Switch owner who wants to move up. My wallet and my brain they tell me no, but the heart wants what it wants.

The new OLED Switch is officially on sale October 8, however, if you haven’t already ordered one, you may have to wait.

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