Morbius postponed to April 1 due to Omicron variant

Jared Leto as the vampire Michael Morbius in Sony's latest Marvel movie.

TFW your movie gets its seventh release date.
Screenshot: Sony Pictures

A living vampire he would like living people to stay alive and healthy to see his solo film debut, so you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Sony Pictures has announced that it would delay the release of Daniel Espinosa Morbius once again, this time from the date of its release on January 28 to – without deception – April 1. Okay, maybe some I am mistaken, because this is literally the seventh date of the poor man’s exit Jared-Leto in the lead role The Marvel movie has been around since it was originally supposed to be released in the summer of 2020.

Sony cites concerns about the ongoing covid-19 pandemic as the reason for the delay, especially the rise in Omicron virus variants in the United States. Although a few live events — including premiere celebration Bob Fett’s book—They cited Omicron as a reason for the delay, Morbius is perhaps the biggest delay in showing in cinemas that we have seen so far to tie our rationale to concerns about the variant. And that’s on top of all the other schedule changes we have seen in the past few months due to past delays (and other covid variants, like Delta. Remember Delta? Oh, we were in such innocent times six months ago).

Although Sony would probably like to post-No way home shine to increase the perspective of his latest film about Spider-Man (part of the interconnected multiverse of Marvel characters that the studio has in space formerly known as SPUMC) it is not that the studio is currently in pain due to another current success at the box office. No way home—Which, hilarious, went into production and was released at the time Morbius it has its seven release dates – and its own a success that defies the pandemic, a billion dollars gave the study a chance to give up Morbius‘release for a few more months, even if it means the film will potentially lose all potential effects of getting out close to a somewhat related project. Morbius, of course, is located in the same parallel universe as Venom, and yet somehow the characteristics Spider-Man: Back homeis Michael Keaton as a sup in some capacity.

Why and how? Well, now we’ll find out in early April. Or, maybe like Morbius at this point, we will once again become fools if he gets another delay.

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