mitigating laptop component shortages; MBP delivery 3-4 weeks

Laptop components are starting to shrink, according to a new report today, but high demand predicts that delivery times for the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro currently take about three to four weeks.

M1 Macs – both the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro – are available in one to three days…

TrendForce says that while the global shortage of chips continues to affect many devices, PCs and laptops are the least affected. Although the increase in the production of chips is modest, in the first quarter of this year, there is the usual drop in demand after the holidays.

Driven by forces such as the pandemic, geopolitics and digital transformation of everyday life, there has been a lack of global foundry production capacity for almost two years, and the shortage was particularly large for mature 1Xnm ~ 180nm nodes, according to TrendForce research.

Although all foundries are frantically increasing capital expenditures to expand capacity, unrealized future expansion does not alleviate existing supply problems. In addition, the uneven distribution of resources in the supply chain that has exacerbated the shortage of parts and components has yet to be definitively mitigated. Circumstances as a whole will continue to affect the delivery of connected entire devices. Only the PC category is expected to remain intact in the first quarter of the 22nd year.

Entering the 1st quarter of the 22nd, according to TrendForce, due to the limited increase in production capacity, it is expected that the supply situation on the market will be approximately the same as in the 4th quarter of the 21st year. However, some end products have entered their traditional off-season cycle and the slowdown in demand is expected to ease current pressure on OEMs and ODM manufacturers over inventories in the supply chain.

Apple is less affected than its competitors because Apple Silicon Macs, of course, use their own chips, which combine CPU, GPU and unified memory. There is still a lack of less exciting generic components, such as screen drivers, but different delivery times between M1 and M1 Pro / Max machines suggest that Apple is in a more enviable position to struggle to assemble enough devices instead of limited components.

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