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Daryl (Norman Reedus) dressed in leather stares at the back of the unbridled Commander of the Pope in AMC’s film The Walking Dead.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) will not lick the Pope. If you were wondering.
Photography: Josh Stringer / AMC

Sometimes, not often, The walking dead understands completely true. Tonight’s Episode –the finale of the first part of the eight episodes of season 11-finally pitted Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and her flock against Reapers on the Meridian, with incognito Daryl (Norman Reedus) caught in the middle. There was raving. Action. Nonsense. Death. Murder. Betrayal. A little more nonsense. A turn I didn’t see coming. And not one but two cliffhangers, although one of these cliffs is considerably shorter than the other.

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I didn’t expect “For Blood” to be as satisfying as it was, mostly because I try not to hope too much with AMCs The walking dead these days. But other than the big tangles in the first two episodes, this first third of this final season has been solid. Tonight’s battle for Meridian happened at the right time, not so fast that there are no stakes other than trophies in the form of food supplies, but not so slow that you feel like you don’t have enough time. In addition, Maggie, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) and their large herd of zombies against the superior but well-armed reapers feel like a fair fight that both sides could win.

Goodbye, Pope (Ritchie Coster), you big, stupid, beautiful mustache, idiots who kill.

Goodbye, Pope (Ritchie Coster), you big, stupid, beautiful mustache, idiots who kill.
Photography: Josh Stringer / AMC

He’s so well structured that the first part of the episode’s nonsense doesn’t diminish him in the least. It turned out that for whatever reason, the reapers came into the hands of, it seems, several million mines, and they are all right in front of a herd of zombies. Daryl’s extreme concern that his friends might explode at any moment keeps things tense, even as the episode is overly indulgent by showing zombies after zombies after a zombie explosion. The other nonsense is the Pope (Ritchie Coster), who has lost his mind to the point that you really wonder why anyone would ever follow a maniac one afternoon, let alone a year. Remember, this is a guy who goes crazy whenever a soldier kills him, even though he puts them in danger, either by sending into battle for no reason or by ignition itself. This time Pope sends a guy to try to take the herd … but mostly as bait to see if his big opponent Maggie is there.

Leah (Lynn Collins) is a justifiably horrified pope who would reject the life of their friend just to confirm a hunch. Her day will only get worse, but first, even more nonsense: Someone on the reapers managed to build a multi-role rocket launcher, packed … well, they look like a lot more rockets from bottles than missiles. All of this is very funny, but it is assumed that the device will destroy a large part of the zombie horde, including Negan and Elijah, who are still walking there. Meanwhile, Daryl spies on Maggie and Gabriel as they sneak up Meridian’s walls. He kills the reaper, lets them in, and returns to Leah, where he confesses everything – the attacking people his people, they are good people, he lied to her because she was working with a certified lunatic, and he asked her to join him, leaving an authorized lunatic behind.

Leah (Lynn Collins) decides who her people are.

Leah (Lynn Collins) decides who her people are.
Photography: Josh Stringer / AMC

Maggie tells Gabe where to find the hidden rifle, then connects the truck and uses it to knock down the front door of the Meridian, allowing all unexploded zombies access to the colony. Pope reaches the rocket launcher and orders his hated enemy, Maggie, to fire in the middle of the yard. The problem, as Leah points out, is that there are many, many harvesters fighting in the yard who will also be killed. As the Pope begins to scream about how his God speaks through him and his will is God’s will and woe, woe Lea stabs him in the throat. I’m sorry, God! It’s the perfect time for the Pope to die – he’s finally become too funny The walking dead and came out just before he exhausted his murderous, imbecile welcome. But his death also sets that twist I already mentioned, as Lea looks Daryl straight in the eye, she grabs her by the walkie-talkie and tells the reapers that Daryl killed Pope. Daryl wanted to protect his people, but Leah also wants to. She had to protect them from the Pope, and now she has to protect them from the people who attack them.

Daryl runs away to help Maggie in a general fight in the backyard, only to hear Leah give the harvest orders to retreat. But Maggie and the others did not win. Lea just wanted to make sure her friends left when they fired 80 rockets into the yard, right into Maggiene and Daryla’s heads. (For the record, they sound like bottle rockets.) A left turn of the heel is a good thing, and if he decides that Maggie et al. he needs to die to protect his people (still a strange decision, just leave) I like the idea that the reapers are led by someone who is not pants, who really cares about his soldiers and who has a huge luggage emotion with Daryl. They will essentially be a whole new enemy and hopefully they will stop wearing those stupid masks too.

Although the episode may have ended in a bang (or several of them), this still seems like a story about small stakes, which is a strange choice for the show’s final season. But it works, and I’m grateful for it. I will take good, focused, small roles The walking dead story over inflated, arrogant any day of the week. But I’m fine too if we just say so hang out with a pack for the last 16 episodes and try to figure out where their pants went missing.

“Be sure to catch my good side.”
Photography: Josh Stringer / AMC

Diverse thinking:

  • Oh, yes, Alexandria. A huge storm is wreaking havoc, so it somehow started a fire despite the rain i blown up pieces at the speed of a reassembled wall, allowing zombies to enter the city. Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Lydia (Cassady McClincy) have the task of keeping the house where Judith, Gracie and the other children are. Rosita experiences a particularly nasty moment when she goes outside and simply wins over a bunch of zombies.
  • Another rock carrier is that when the zombies finally break into the house, Judith and Gracie are trapped in the basement, with only a thin lock holding the door in place. I’m not particularly worried.
  • In case you missed it, The walking dead season 11 continues February 20, 2022. See you there.
  • “Do not worry. I won’t lick you. “

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