Microsoft unveils the dual-screen Surface Neo folding computer powered by Intel Lakefield Foveros Tech

Remember the Courier concept that leaked out of Microsoft more than a decade ago? It has finally manifested itself in the real product that Surface boss Panos Panay announced today under the name Surface Neo. The Surface Neo has dual 9-inch screens covered with Gorilla glass that are connected to a 360-degree central hinge. This hinge, which features micro-gears with an innovative torque system, allows the device to warp in several different positions based on your current workload.

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You can use it as a dual screen device; you can only do this with one screen; you can use it in tent mode; and you can even tap on the Bluetooth keyboard, which is magnetically attached to the bottom screen, while still leaving room to use the undetected part of the screen as a touch pad. It looks pretty amazing and we can’t wait to try it out in person. In addition to the keyboard trick, there is also the Surface Pen which is magnetically attached to the back of the device.


Each part of the screen is only 5.6 mm thick, and Panay says the device weighs only 655 grams. The Surface Neo drive is Intel’s upcoming 10nm Lakefield hybrid SoC, which will include Gen11 graphics. Lakefield uses Intel’s CPU core Sunny Cove and Foveros 3D chip packaging technology.

As previously revealed, Surface Neo runs Microsoft’s new Windows 10X operating system, which is specifically designed for use on dual-screen devices. You can run separate apps on each screen, or with a feature called “spanning” you can drag the app to the center hinge and expand it to take up both screens.

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At the moment, Microsoft is leaving a lot of details close to the vest regarding the Surface Neo. This can be expected since the device will not ship until 2020. So why did Microsoft announce the device more than a year in advance? According to Panay, he wants developers to board much earlier, so that when the device is in the hands of consumers, they will have an amazing experience with their applications while running Windows 10X.

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