Microsoft OneDrive for Mac is easier and faster to use

Microsoft OneDrive for Mac is updated with a significant number of enhancements, designed to make use easier and faster. The company used a blog post to set up its roadmap for upcoming improvements for Mac users.

At the top of the list is Moving Familiar Folders, which is an easy way to ensure that your working documents are always backed up on OneDrive, no matter which folders they contain …

Microsoft said this means you will no longer have to store your documents inside the OneDrive virtual drive.

We have been actively working to address your request to enable known folder move support (KFM) for macOS, and we are pleased to announce that you will soon be able to introduce KFM for your macOS users and redirect their desktop, documents, and Images folders to OneDrive.

This means that people using OneDrive on the latest version of macOS can continue to use the folders they are familiar with to do their day-to-day work and make sure their data is backed up and protected.

KFM will also allow your macOS users to access their most important files on various devices and applications without interfering with productivity, as their content is automatically synchronized with OneDrive. In addition, your customers will be able to securely share their data inside and outside their organization, increasing collaboration.

The OneDrive folder will also be displayed in the Locations section of the Finder sidebar, allowing for more convenient access.

In addition, Microsoft is updating the icons for Files On-Demand, making it clearer which documents are stored locally on a Mac and which are only for the cloud.

The app will also be updated to work originally on Apple Silicon Macs; currently working under Rosetta 2.

Finally, on the iOS side, Apple says that offline editing comes in both Office applications and standalone Word and PowerPoint.

For business users, there are additional features, detailed in the blog.

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