MGM allows potential employees to try out VR jobs before applying

MGM Resorts allows candidates to try out casino and hotel business in virtual reality (VR) before applying, Business Insider reported. It is part of a new effort to reduce the outflow of employees during the “big resignation” that caused labor shortages in the U.S. and elsewhere during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group of casinos and resorts uses headphones from the VR company called Strivr, which specializes in virtual training for health and safety in the industry, customer support and much more. The idea is to allow employees to experience typical work activities to know what to expect. “It can be very difficult to just verbally explain the types of positions or show a video,” said Laura Lee, general director of human resources at MGM Resorts. WITH. Using VR, by contrast, allows candidates to “throw in the headphones and really experience the job.”

MGM plans to use the headphones in its offices and perhaps at career fairs, starting in January. The idea is to enable potential customer service employees to experience key aspects of the job, both positive and negative. For example, the MGM Resorts VR module would involve interactions with heavy guests, something that has reportedly become more common with COVID.

Negative interactions could discourage some candidates, but MGM expects that this will enable better employment decisions. The use of technology “could solve some of the changes we experienced when people accepted positions and then realized it wasn’t exactly what they thought it would be,” Lee said.

MGM plans to use the technology for its proposed $ 9.1 billion hotel, resort and casino in Osaka, Japan. It would be the first casino in the country, so potential employees may not be familiar with typical jobs. As such, the VR option could be offered to candidates (not required) to show them customer-oriented features such as hotel check-in and gambling.

VR may not be a hit that everyone expected in the consumer space, but it is certainly caught in companies, especially for training. MGM also uses Striver technology to train customers to interact with new employees, saying it allows them to fail without consequences as they learn the role. “Virtual reality gives employees the opportunity to think and correct themselves without stress or worry that they have done something wrong,” Lee said on the Strivr webinar.

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