Meta announces events for Month of Black History, including a new meta-aligned project

Meta has announced a number of features to celebrate Black History Month in its apps, including themed stickers, dedicated programming and AR and VR experiences.

Meta’s main event in focus is the launch the new ‘Metaverse Culture Series’, which will be hosted by Horizon Worlds i Study rooms, and will be operational Black thought leaders and creators from across the United States discuss their work and influences in these virtual environments.

As Meta explains:

“In this impressive virtual reality experience, participants will create customized worlds and explore ways to weave black culture, heritage and creativity into the fabric of the metaverse. The goal of this one-year series is to provide an accessible entry point into the future of technology for historically excluded, diverse communities.

It is interesting to see Meta wanting to weave more metaverses into his current activations, especially when the metaverse, as Meta imagines it, is still far from reality.

(As a side note, if you want to see more about metaverse vision, you can check out this post).

At the same time, if you are building the next platform for networking, then embedding cultural influences makes a lot of sense from the start, and it is good to see that Meta is considering this aspect in its strategic planning.

In addition to this, Meta also hosts various events of the Month of Black History in VR:

“Every week you can watch a new selection of selected VR content Oculus TV, including the exploration of the unsung heroes of Black Lives Matter by the creatives behind IN PROTEST and a tour of the International Space Station with astronaut Victor Glover. ”

Meta is also hosting a new, cinematic VR experience from Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams that explores the history of movement restrictions for black Americans and the creation of safe spaces in communities.

In addition to this, Facebook has launched a new one Raise your black voices hub, which will host exclusive content by various black creators.

Meta Black History Month

Users on Facebook and Instagram will also be able to add themed stickers to their posts and stories, while Instagram also encourages users to get involved in the event via # ShareBlackStories.hashtag.

Meta Black History Month

Finally, both Instagram and Facebook will also serve as an AR entry point for a new art installation exploring the influence of black Americans in shaping culinary culture.

The physical exhibition opens on February 23 in New York, but Facebook and Instagram users will be able to access the digital experience via Facebook or Instagram camera, with a new effect added to each app.

Black History Month serves as a great reminder of the impact of black culture throughout modern society, while it is also a good time to put more emphasis on black-owned businesses, which have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

In that regard, Meta has also released an updated version of its Black Community Cultural guidewhich describes how business leaders can show their support.

Meta Black History Month

It is important to pay attention to the wider community and consider the role you and your business can play in improving understanding, and these activations and guides can help develop a more focused strategy around this while participating in the wider celebration.

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