May 2022 be the year when you will finally pick up a musical instrument

If nothing else, 2022 may sound better than what you leave behind if you learn a musical instrument. Learning an instrument is one of the most fulfilling skills you can develop and can keep your brain young!

for the new Year, Cult Maca collected some great offers for everything that has to do with learning music. There has never been a better opportunity to pick up an instrument.

Learn Music 2022

From piano and guitar to reading and writing music, these lessons offer new opportunities for both beginners and high-level users. And they’re all on sale, with courses ranging from soup to nuts that cost less than you would normally pay for one lesson.

A top package of guitar lessons from beginner to expert

This package comes with 59 hours of professional learning that teaches you one of the most beloved instruments in the world. Learn the basics and mechanics of the guitar, along with what fits into different music genres, such as blues and jazz. You will learn to train your hearing and develop your skills until you can play whatever you want! Get the best out of 2022 with a song you can play yourself.

Get a set of guitar lessons from beginner to expert for $ 20, no coupon required!

Learn to play piano and musical compositions


The piano is both one of the most impressive learning instruments and one of the most difficult. That’s why packages like this bring you 27 hours of instruction on everything from music theory to composition and production. This package gives you everything you need to know to practice and develop your skills until you play Chopin and Schubert as if it were nothing. Let the cheerful melody greet 2022.

Get Learn to Play the Piano & Music Composition Bundle for $ 20, no coupon required!

A complete package of master classes in reading and writing music for 2022


There is more to music than a quick hand and a good ear. Learn to read music and be able to play directly from the notes with this 11-course master class! Learn to write lyrics, read music notes, compose and create your own effects to make your music truly unique. This is a lesson you just can’t pass up if you really want to learn music.

Get a complete package of master classes for reading and writing music for 2022 for 20 USD, no coupon required!

Skoove Premium piano lessons


Skoove is the best piano learning app because it uses advanced artificial intelligence to give you individual feedback whenever you need it. In one application, you get the instructions of a professional music teacher, music school resources and the flexibility of independent learning at your own pace. Skoove contains resources for players of any skill level, whether you are just starting out, know the scales and nothing more, or you are a specific piano person at every holiday party.

Get Skoove Premium Piano Lessons for $ 39.99 ($ ​​119 regularly).

Prices are subject to change.

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