Maximize your iPhone sales by knocking Apple out of the equation

A quick and easy way to make the most of your old iPhone.
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Apple has just given customers another big reason to avoid the replacement service by lowering prices on almost all iPhone models. Instead, sell your old phone Cult Maca to earn more than that and get real money that you can spend anywhere.

Find out how much your old iPhone is worth today in just a few easy steps and secure your offer for 14 days.

Apple is lowering replacement prices, we have raised ours

Apple now pays less for almost all variants of the iPhone, and in some cases the price reductions are quite significant. So we responded by raising replacement prices so customers could make more of their old devices.

In almost all cases we pay the same or more than Apple. Here’s how our prices compare:

Device Apple pays (up to) We pay (until)
iPhone 12 Pro Max $ 700 $ 700
iPhone 12 Pro $ 600 $ 620
iPhone 12 $ 450 $ 500
iPhone 12 mini $ 350 $ 400
iPhone 11 Pro Max $ 450 $ 450
iPhone 11 Pro $ 400 $ 425
iPhone 11 $ 300 $ 275
iPhone XS Max $ 280 $ 325
iPhone XS $ 220 $ 225
iPhone XR $ 200 $ 215
iPhone X $ 200 $ 185
iPhone SE 2 $ 160 $ 185
iPhone 8 Plus $ 160 $ 145
iPhone 8 $ 100 $ 95
iPhone 7 Plus $ 100 $ 55
iPhone 7 $ 40 $ 45
iPhone 6s Plus $ 50 $ 35
iPhone 6s $ 30 $ 30

what’s more, Cult Maca – in partnership with nice people at MyPhones Unlimited – pays real money for your old Apple devices that you can spend wherever you want. We will not deceive you with credit or gift cards in the store.

And we don’t just buy old phones; You can also sell us your old iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods and more. We will even buy broken devices that need repair, and we promise that nothing we get will end up in the landfill.

Sell ​​your old iPhone Cult Maca

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit our refund page and get an offer for your old iPhone
  2. We will send you a box and a return sticker so you can send us your old device for free
  3. When we receive your phone, we will issue a check, which you will receive in approximately a week

The offer you get is good for 14 days, which gives you enough time to order a new smartphone and set it up before you send us the old one. So what are you waiting for? Find out how much your old iPhone is really worth today!

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