Marvel writers talk about the captions and reversals of the characters

Don Lee, like Gilgamesh in Marvel's Eternal, is about to hit something off the screen.

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Marvel movies live and die on their characters, and Eternals is no exception. With 10 main characters, the new film juggles a lot as its heroes try to save the world while at the same time struggling with the things they have let it happen over the centuries. The eternal demigods go through a lot during the film, and while the film provokes divisions, one thing most of people They seem to agree that the actors are really selling the family unit that these people are they become in their own strange way.

During the interview with Hollywood Reporter, screenwriting duo Kaz and Ryan Firpo talked about how they and fellow screenwriters Patrick Burleigh and Chloé Zhao decided on the characters and their dynamics in the film. Generally speaking, Kaz said it is important to find the Eternal whose abilities and diversity reflect the current world. “Jack Kirby’s imagination is boundless. We took every Eternal that existed, of which there are literally hundreds. ”

In a few cases, they knew who they wanted for the role, such as Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo. When it seemed that the actor would not be inside Guardians of the Galaxy 3, they grabbed him quickly, and Kaz is proud of how the character turned out. “He’s funny, but he comes from an insecure place. And I think Kumail did all these things perfectly. ” We continue with King, further revealed that he was originally, an actor the valet would be Don Lee’s Gilgamesh. Karun (Harish Patel) was still in the script, but at the time was director of all King’s films. If you like the character, you can thank Burleigh for that; Kaz gave him a lot of credit and said that the writer “left.” gangbusters ”with a character.

Kaz and Ryan too talked about some of the other characters, but this will require spoilers, which means …

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One couple that the couple agreed on quite early was the one between Icaris (Richard Madden) and Ajak (Salma Hayek). Ryan described it as “the foundation of the story” and the one that helped inform the film’s overall dilemma about duty over freedom. It is a choice that came in tandem with the forging of a love story between Icaris and Sersi Gemma Chan. “All of these things were part of the early, early stages … but the turnaround is the driver of everything.”

Another early development was the desire to kill part of the cast, which Ryan said Marvel was “pretty brave” and open. Death is a fate that Marvel’s top heroes have always managed to avoid unless it’s a large-scale crossover, and Kaz admitted it was an obstacle for a while. “How to make stakes important?” Kaz asked. “How to make the audience scared and love and challenge the adventure?” For him, the characters of the killing made the film feel “alive,” and they were so thrilled with the idea that early screenplays had eternal deaths during the first fight against the Deviants, so the beasts could be seen as a real threat. That didn’t fully happen in the film, but you can see how it led to the deaths of Ajak and Gilgamesh by the main Deviant, Kro.

With Eternals be second success at the box office, Kaz hopes he and Ryan will have more to do with these characters. Not only does he shout Dane Whitman at Kit Harrington, but he also revealed that he and Ryan joked about setting up a prequel series for Disney +. “I’d love to do that show,” he said. As a hypothetical, he released episodes about Thena in Greece and another in 1890 in which Kingo fought a movie star during Gandhi’s efforts to peacefully dissolve the British Empire in India.

Nothing is being done at the moment, but considering who he is the following In court to receive their shows, it wouldn’t be too much of a strain for one eternaladjacent show on Disney +. If that meant seeing more Maccari or Gilgamesh, that couldn’t be bad, could it?

Marvel’s Eternals is now in cinemas.

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