Marvel She-Hulk TV Show First Look at Tatiana Maslany: Disney + Day

Jennifer Walters stretches into a yoga pose in a scene from Marvel’s She-Hulk.

Never forget the importance of yoga before gamma-induced transformation.
Screenshot: Marvel Studios

Jennifer Walters ’debut at MCU brings a tons of giant heroes and villains at Disney +, but it will also give us an unusual insight into a world much stranger than the realm of comic book characters beating each other’s hoses: the American legal system.

As part of today’s Disney + Day celebration, Marvel Studios gave us a new perspective She-Hulk, one of many upcoming planned streaming series for the platform. Starring Maslany as Walters i The Good Place‘s Jameela Jamil as Jen’ s again, again, archnemesis of Titania, the series will also include Hamilton‘s Renée Elise Goldsberry i The Morning Afteris Ginger Gonzaga. It will also feature Tim Roth and Mark Ruffalo who will reprise their Marvel roles as Abomination and Bruce Banner / The Incredible Hulk, respectively.

The footage gives us just a brief glimpse of Maslanay green as Jen’s Hulk person, wearing a white and purple jumpsuit reminiscent of her classic comic costume. The footage begins with Jennifer without Hulk practicing yoga in her apartment, and walking to her day job as a lawyer, as she tells us over everything, well, just that: she’s Jen Walters, a lawyer, and very, very normal. That is, until we move on to the aforementioned hulk-out footage. “Well, it’s not that normal,” she added.

However, we can’t see much more than that, as we move on to Bruce Banner’s Mark Ruffalo testing Jen, plugged into headphones in the isolation chamber. “These transformations are driven by anger and fear, crumpled Bruce tells Jen, as we move on to something even stranger than abandoned lawyers: Jen and Bruce in retro 70s-style clothes on a false roof, shot in a vague, artifacted film. “Don’t make me angry,” Jen says, turning dramatically toward the camera. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” The tone is intentionally silly, suggesting that Jen overcomes the metahumor of the fourth wall from her classic comics it could be something we will be able to see in the game in the series.

She-Hulk there is currently no expected release of windows on Disney +, except that the streamer teases that the platform will be “Coming Soon”. We’ll bring you more about Marvel’s plans for She-Hulk how and when we teach them.

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