Marvel poster, Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner on a poster for Marvel’s Hawkeye, with a dog next to them and a New York-themed Christmas theme in the background.

Picture: Marvel Studios

When Marvel’s Hawkeye when released in exactly one month, Clint Barton Jeremy Renner will have a lot of problems. He is trying to return to his family after he started that murder Avengers: Endgame, things turn even worse when Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop he shows up with some pretty good archery skills, and also dresses up as his Ronin persona and angry gangsters. Already feeling the need to redeem himself, Clint tries to take her under his wing.

It’s not Christmas if they don’t shoot you or try to get tickets to that Captain America musical, but hopefully Clint’s pain and confusion will be good television. For the occasion, Marvel has released the first official poster for the series, showing both shooters in their cult outfits (well, Kate’s icon, Clint may already be in her fifth or sixth costume so far), and also a favorite Pizza Dog fan. And he has a little Santa hat on, because of course he has.

Marvel’s Avengers shooters will definitely have a lot of experience ahead of them during their mini series. If gangsters weren’t enough, there’s Jelena Belova of Florence Pugh who showed up to break Clint’s ass for the whole thing with the stone of the soul. The shooters will hopefully have some kind of help in the form of Maya Lopez of Alaqua Cox, a deaf Indian girl who will eventually become superhero Echo.

Whatever happens in Hawkeye, we will almost certainly see more Bishop in MCU. With the comic miniseries Marieke Nijkamp and Enid Balám which should also be released in November, plus her debut in The Avengers game where it’s pretty fun to play, Marvel invests in a young shooter because Clint seems to be the best to get out of the hero game.

Marvel’s Hawkeye comes out on November 24th at Disney +.

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