Mario Party Superstars brings old changes to the new favorite

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Nintendo has been riding the train with nostalgia lately with several of its major releases for the Nintendo Switch, and another on the way is the Mario Party Superstars. Growing up, I absolutely loved playing Mario Party with my family. The element of happiness in part of the board games helped to even out the differences in age and experience, so my younger siblings didn’t stay completely in the dust. It was also one of the first games I remember playing. So, when it comes to bringing these games back and upgrading them, I guess you could say I’m in the game.

This favorite in the style of board games brings some changes in the Mario Party Superstars that will be really nice to see, not only for fans of classic games, but also for modern players. For example, we’ll see some flaws in games for the Nintendo 64, but Superstars will also add highly sought-after features like online gaming and storage.

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As Mario Party came out with new performances, Nintendo tried to maintain the series with an interesting formula change, but it didn’t always work out. For example, he introduced a feature with Mario Party 9 and kept it in Mario Party 10 where all the characters would move together in the car. This is the point where I personally stopped playing Mario Party games, but the return of the Superstars to the classic structure of the game, along with more modern details, caused excitement again. I hope this release is a success, therefore encouraging Nintendo to return to inspiration for some more original games.

Good changes to come: Redesigned boards, online play and more

Mario Party Superstars Shy Guy Says Switch

Source: Nintendo (screenshot)

One of the highlights of Superstars is the return of some classic boards. A total of five boards will be played, all coming from Nintendo 64 games. The videos of these records look beautiful and I can’t wait to see what they look like while playing.

An unexpected and exciting record redesigned for Mario Party Superstars is the Horror Land record from Mario Party 2. Not only is this the perfect way to attract players with an exit date close to Halloween, but also my personal favorite choice. This board has a unique ability to play on this board in day and night mode, and the board has variable consequences depending on the time of day. Some are good and some are bad, adding an extra element of luck to the game. Night and day elements will surely make the redesigned panel a nice aesthetic.

The idea that we can still get together and play this old family favorite even though we are miles away is exciting thanks to playing online.

As for mini-games, Shy Guy Says – my personal favorite – is one of two mini-games confirmed by the name on the Nintendo Mario Party Superstar page along with Mushroom Mix Up. Shy Guy Says is a mini game in which players must quickly follow the commands of Shy Guy. Do it too slowly, by no means or in the wrong color and you are excluded from the game. As the game goes, it builds anticipation faster and faster. Something about the required speed and attention causes a lot of laughter and makes for a surprisingly fun game.

As we got older and left the house, my family and I moved and lived farther apart. The idea that we can still get together and play this old family favorite even though we are miles away is exciting thanks to the online game, which was first introduced in the Mario Party franchise with the first game in the series released on Switch, Super Mario Party. In addition to playing from the same system or locally, players who have a Nintendo Switch Online membership can play any of the online modes with other players.

Sometimes you don’t want to devote all the time it takes to playing an entire board game, especially if you’re playing in different time zones, but you might want to dive into some mini-games. Now players will only be able to make a few quick mini-games instead of the whole game!

I clearly remember the days when we left the Nintendo 64 on and worked so as not to lose a place at the Mario Party. We should only hope that we will be able to let it work or hide that it is still working. Although I’m far behind the day of hiding my N64 from my mom, I’m glad that for the first time I can save the game, turn off the system and come back later even if I’m playing online with friends.

Mario Party Superstars Birdo Switch

Source: Nintendo (screenshot)

At the moment, nothing shows that some new characters are joining the Mario Party list, but all the celebrities are appearing. Characters that can be played with original Mario entertainment include Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario and Luigi. Meanwhile, Waluigi, Birdo, Daisy and Rosalina will be on some of these records for the first time.

I personally switch back and forth between my favorite dune-like characters, Bird and Yoshi. Birdo is one of the newest characters added to Mario Party players, so I’m interested to see if there are any changes in the dialogue with adding new characters as they debut in the game. In addition, they have cute new stickers on the board that you can choose to empower to make fun of or cheer for other players.

Have fun in a safe way

The Mario Party Superstars release shows a continuation of moving away from the literal car that overcame my excitement at the Mario Party and coming back to life. Instead of everyone being drawn into the consequences of all the other players, it’s a return to the classic board game I love in the series. Each player has their own experiences that bring a little luck in the draw.

Sharing an old favorite with new players and reuniting with a distant family in a game that used to be going for me is reason enough to count down the days as we approach the release date of Mario Party Superstars on October 29, 2021. If you don’t already have a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play online and like to play these earlier games, I recommend you get one as it comes with the great advantage of some of the best NES and SNES games directly on your Switch for free.

Party on!

Mario Party Superstars Yoshi Getting Star

Mario Party Superstars

Collect stars with the best

Mario and his friends are back in the first remastered board games! Try your luck on the board and survive the mini games to collect the most stars and win the game.

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