Maps app for iPhone and iPad: Top guide

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The Apple Maps app gives you everything you need to get where you’re going and find places of interest along the way. It can tell you where you are, in which direction you are facing, what is nearby, how to avoid traffic and more. Maps can show you the ground in 3D and can fly into the sky using Flyover. It can even provide detailed voice navigation for driving, walking and in some regions-public transport, including buses, trains and ferries, making it one of the best iPhone navigation apps.

What’s new in iOS 15?

Apple’s latest software for iOS 15 brings impressive updates to the Maps app. Improvements include more detailed driving navigation and public transport information.

Maps in iOS 15 also adds some brand new features, such as 3D city views and augmented reality navigation. These features work in big cities like Los Angeles, Now York City and London over time more locations are added. Apple has also added an interactive three-dimensional globe and has incorporated a curated section of Guides that offers expert recommendations from brands such as Time Out, The Washington Post and the National Park Foundation.

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Want to tackle everything the Apple Maps app can do? Here’s what you need to know to get started!

Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad:

How to find locations and get directions using Maps on iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps

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Times have changed – instead of Thomas’ guide, 16-year-olds have an iPhone that takes them through the city streets and subway lines. Instead of numbered sections of paper, we have live traffic information and travel tracking in the form of Apple’s Maps app. The company’s app is built directly into your iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is take a look! Here’s how to use the Maps app to find your location and get directions.

If you find that something is wrong with the location, you can report the problem on Maps and hopefully it will be resolved by the time the next person tries to navigate there.

How to name and save locations using Folders on iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps

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Whether you want your iPhone to remember your best friend’s house or your local gym, adding and naming locations is easy using the Maps app for iPhone and iPad. Here’s how you can name and save locations using Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

How to share location and directions with Maps for iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps

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Sometimes it’s not enough for you to know where you are or where you’re going. Sometimes you have to inform other people. Maybe you want to share a great new coffee shop you’ve found, maybe you’ve split up in the park, or you need to be picked up where your car broke down. Sure, there’s Find my Friends to share the location all the time, but when you need to share your location or some directions at any time, there are Maps.

How to get public transit guidelines using Apple Maps for iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps Transit

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Apple has several useful features specific to transit guidelines, making it easier to navigate a big city without cars. You can easily see public transport stops for specific lines and, whenever multiple lines are available, you will see all possible route suggestions. Our guide to transporting Apple Maps shows you how.

Apple Maps does not support public transit directions for all locations, although the list of supported cities increases with each update. Here are all the places with directions for Apple Maps transportation.

How to use Siri to get directions and maps on iPhone or iPad

Ios 14 Compact Ui Siri

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With Siri and Apple’s built-in maps, you know you have to stop longer, type, and ask for directions. You can simply ask Siri for directions and you will get a route to navigate right there. It’s great if you’re in a new part of town or traveling to a new city. And if you get lost, you can even ask Siri to take you home.

How to find your car using the Maps app

Favorites Apple Maps

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Here’s a not-so-secret fact about me: I remember horribly where I parked. That’s why I own a brightly colored car that can make noise and turn on lights if I press a keychain — without them I could be doomed to hours of wandering through darkened garages.

Thanks to Apple’s Parked Car feature in Maps, I no longer have to rely on bright color or loud sounds to help me discover where I left my vehicle: I just have to look at my iPhone or Apple Watch.

How to change Maps settings on iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps

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Apple Maps offers settings that allow you to change the volume of navigation queries, change distance units, and even receive subsequent emails about problems you report. You can customize the Map settings and set everything the way you want – once you know where to look!

How to Clear Search History and Destinations in Maps on iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps Ipados 15 Recently

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There are many reasons to avoid storing search and destination history: You may be planning a surprise party; you may have one listed too many trips to Starbucks. Either way, you can very easily get rid of your search history and destination history in Maps.

How to Clear Search History and Destinations in Maps on iPhone and iPad

How to see the time on Maps

iOS 14 maps

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If you’re cruising the highway on a trip with friends and want to peek into the weather without changing apps, follow us and we’ll show you how to watch the weather in Maps! It’s extremely handy, especially while driving, although you’d probably know how to find weather information on Maps only if someone told you to.

How to use Maps extensions on iPhone and iPad

How to enable and use Maps extensions on iPhone and iPad

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iOS makes it easier to make better use of the Maps app by allowing third-party apps to add Maps extensions. The primary purpose of the app extension is to give you the ability to do things like book a restaurant reservation or call a shuttle from services like Uber – all without leaving the Map. This type of integration frees up your valuable time eliminating the need to switch between different apps to achieve your goals.

How to open Apple Maps locations in Google Maps

google maps

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Although Apple has improved its Maps app over time, many people still prefer tried and tested Google Maps for something as important as knowing where you’re going.

While you can’t change the default mapping app on iOS, you can make it easier to switch to an alternative with the $ 1.99 Open App, which lets you open Apple Maps locations in Google Maps.

How to get directions and use Apple Maps with CarPlay

Apple Maps CarPlay iOS 14

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Aside from streaming services, I would like to bet that Maps in CarPlay is the most used app. Whether you’re looking for a job in the state or traveling abroad, it’s much easier to know where to go than to navigate from memory or on a map.

Most of the Map interfaces in CarPlay are pretty easy to understand, but there are a few tricky parts. The above article discusses some of the basic features of the app and how you can use them to make the most of your experience.

Do you have more questions about Maps on iPhone and iPad?

Problems or questions about Apple Maps? Let us know in the comments below and we will do our best to help you.

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