MagSafe Battery Pack prototype overflows pre-design with glossy finish

It’s … different.
Photo: Internal archive

Photos of what is claimed to be a prototype of the MagSafe battery pack have surfaced, revealing an earlier design with a glossy finish and a repositioned rechargeable LED. It also has internal identification marks.

The device looks original, but is very different from Apple’s final product, which was first released last July, at a price of $ 99.

The early MagSafe Battery Pack is so great

It’s not often that we take a look at Apple’s prototype products – especially soon after they debut. When we do, they give us a rare glimpse into some of the small designs and changes Apple made before launch.

This MagSafe Battery Pack unit has a glossy finish, similar to an old white MacBook or Apple charging cube. Its charging LED is also located on the back so that it is shielded when the device is connected to the iPhone.

By comparison, the final product has a matte finish, and the charging LED is at the bottom where it’s easier to see. It also has a rubber surface on the inside and an obvious MagSafe ring, which the prototype does not have.

Finally, one edge of the prototype bears some identification marks and code that can be internally scanned for tracking.

Probably not a fake

Although there is a chance that this could be a replacement for the third-party MagSafe Battery Pack – as many Apple products I didn’t cloned counterfeiters? – We have no reason to believe that this is not a real Apple prototype.

MagSafe battery prototype. This unit has a side engraving and seems to lack the fabric that is usually found on the front of these devices. There also seems to be a status LED on the front, a place that didn’t go into production (at the bottom). #AppleInternal

He published these photos Internal archive on Twitter, “dedicated to finding, sharing, and preserving Apple’s inside information.” He has published many Apple leaks in the past and all of them seem completely reliable.

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