macOS Monterey: Here are features exclusive to the M1 Mac

MacOS Monterey was first introduced during the WWDC21 introductory speech, and after four months, it was finally released today. However, not all users will be able to take advantage of the new features, as several features will only be available on the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max Mac models. Read on as we round them out.

When Apple made the transition from PowerPC to Intel, the company quickly gave up support from older Macs. As Apple is in the midst of a transition from Intel to its own silicon, the company still supports many Intel Macs.

With another major software update to take advantage of Apple Silicon, here are features introduced by Apple that will only be available to its proprietary Macs.

Portrait mode on FaceTime: Only M1 Macs on macOS Monterey will be able to blur the background of a video call using FaceTime.

tickets: The interactive globe and detailed new city experience will only be available on M1 Macs running macOS Monterey. With these two features, users will be able to interact with the 3D globe and explore cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London with details for altitude, roads, trees, buildings, landmarks and more.

Capture objects: With macOS Monterey, users will be able to convert a series of 2D images into a photorealistic 3D object that is optimized for AR in just a few minutes using the power of a Mac.

Siri: Neural voice to convert text to speech in multiple languages ​​is only available on M1 Macs. In addition to macOS Monterey, this feature will be available in several languages: Swedish (Sweden), Danish (Denmark), Norwegian (Norway) and Finnish (Finland).

Dictation on the device: Keyboard dictation helps protect users’ privacy by performing all processing completely offline. With macOS Monterey, users can dictate texts of any length without a time limit.

One of the features listed as exclusive to M1 Macs has become available to Intel users as well. With the release of macOS Monterey, all users can use Live Text in Photos, which allows you to interact with the text in the photos.

What do you think about these exclusive features of the Apple Silicon Mac? How do you like macOS Monterey? Tell us in the comments section below.

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