MacBook Pro shipments are delayed due to “mechanical” problems with the UPS

Several customers awaiting delivery of their new redesigned MacBook Pros said their deliveries were delayed due to “mechanical” problems affecting the UPS, a courier used by Apple to ship its devices around the world.

“Mechanical failure caused delay” is the message that several customers receive when they follow their new delivery of MacBook Pro. Customers at the MacRumors Forum also report that UPS sends emails to customers informing them of unknown mechanical failures and that estimated delivery dates will vary depending on field conditions.

Mechanical failures, probably related to airplanes, cause shipments of MacBook Pro, and probably other consumer electronic devices, to remain on the ground in cities in China. Some shipments are still on the ground in Shanghai and Seoul, in South Korea, and publicly available flight data show that several UPS flights were scheduled to take off today in both cities, at the time of writing.

Cologne, Germany, serves as one of UPS’s major hubs in Europe and a place where MacBook Pro shipments are likely to arrive from Asia before being shipped to customers across Europe. One UPS flight from Seoul to Cologne, which was scheduled for later today, was canceled, as stated on Reddit. Customers also share their frustrations on Twitter.

“Your shipment is currently within the UPS network; however, an unforeseen event has occurred that could result in a change in the scheduled delivery date,” is another message broadcast to customers. Customers awaiting delivery for their new MacBook Pro should follow it on their tracking page for any updates. Users can also follow MacRumors forums for updates.

It remains unclear whether other Apple shipments have been affected, such as the recently launched third-generation AirPods.

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