Mac Studio, Studio Display and iPad Air reach customers around the world

Apple’s new Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPad Air and iPhone SE officially go on sale today. That means customers who preordered early (before shipping dates slipped) are beginning to receive the first deliveries around the world.

If you, like me, are disappointed not to be reveling in the same delight as they are, here are a whole bunch of photos that highlight what we’re missing out on.

Apple’s newest devices land today

It’s always fun to receive new Apple devices – especially when they’re brand-new products that we haven’t seen before, like Mac Studio and Studio Display. Unboxing them is almost as exciting as using them for the first time.

As you might expect, however, the packaging is familiar to that of other Apple devices. Mac Studio comes in a box just like Mac mini’s box, only larger. And Studio Display comes in a box just like Pro Display XDR box, only smaller.

Check out Mac Studio and Studio Display

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Don’t forget iPad Air and iPhone SE

For lots of other Apple customers, it’s the latest iPad Air and iPhone SE that are bringing the fun on Friday morning.

の 日 、 発 の M1 の ッ プ 搭載 ✅ PiPadAir5 ペ ペ ー グ ー ー 256GB WiFi デ ル ル が 来 ま し た ps ps ps ps mini : //

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#Iniphese 第 第 世代 世代 まし た 良 な コ ー! って 思っ た けど けど, iPhone8plus 使っ て た ので あり ます ね. 次帰る 時 は でか やつ に に しよ 笑

iPhone 13 in alpine green

Oh, and don’t forget iPhone 13 in alpine green.

Visit your local Apple Store

Sadly, if you didn’t preorder Apple’s newest devices last week, there’s now a rather lengthy wait for shipping on some of them – especially Mac Studio and Studio Display. Those face delays of up to seven weeks in the United States.

However, today is also the day Mac Studio, Studio Display, iPad Air, iPhone SE and the new green iPhone 13 models hit retail Apple Store locations around the world. If you don’t want to wait – and you’re lucky – you may be able to bag one there.

Physical Apple Store locations tend to receive regular deliveries of the company’s newest devices. So, even if you can’t pick one up today, keep checking availability online and you should be able to get one soon.

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