Mac shipments have grown by an incredible 55% in the last 2 years

Mac shipments worldwide grew 22% in 2021. This is the highest annual growth rate of any computer manufacturer, according to the market analysis company.

The strong year-on-year growth trend that began in 2020 continues, resulting in a 55% increase in deliveries in two years.

Mac shipments are still on the rise

According to IDC analysts, 27.8 million macOS devices were shipped throughout 2021. That is 22.1% more than in 2020.

But in 2020, even stronger growth was recorded. That year, Apple’s shipments of traditional desktops and laptops grew 29% year-over-year.

Mac shipments were essentially flat for years, and then took off in 2020.
Graph: Ed Hardy / Cult of Mac

As the dramatic increase began in 2020, it is clear that most of the growth is related to people buying new computers so they can work from home or attend school from home during the COVID-19 pandemic that began that year.

But that may not be all because other computer manufacturers are not enjoying so much growth. Their shipments in 2021 grew from year to year, but not at the same rate as Apple, according to IDC. Dell grew by 18%, Lenovo and Acer by 14%, and HP by 9%.

Apple silicon has a role to play

Apple’s growth spurt could increase due to the launch of the M series of powerful processors. This also started in 2020. The first M1 delivers better performance than Apple expected. In 2021, the company tracked that chip with the M1 Pro and M1 Max, which are even faster.

While Apple provides consumers with top-notch performance for its Macs, the company is still far behind the Big Three in annual global shipments. It had 8% of the market in 2021, according to IDC, compared to Lenovo with 24%, HP with 21% and Dell with 17%.

And everyone’s shipments could have been bigger. “We’ve ended the year with many customers still waiting to deliver their PC orders,” said Tom Mainelli, head of IDC’s Device and Consumer Research. “As we go through the first half of the year, we expect supply to remain limited, especially in the commercial segment where demand is strongest.”

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