Mac revenue reached its highest level in the last quarter, even without the new MacBook Pro models

Apple has made a lot of significant changes to its product line in the last two years, and it seems to be making the right moves here. The company just released results for the quarter ending Sept. 30, and Apple generated 29 percent more revenue than a year ago – that’s $ 83.4 billion, for those who follow.

As usual, the iPhone took the lead. IPhone sales accounted for nearly 47 percent of Apple’s total revenue, and iPhone revenue of $ 38.9 billion was up 47 percent from a year earlier. But it’s worth remembering that last year the iPhone 12 series was delayed and wasn’t on sale until October (or November, in the case of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max). This year, all four iPhone 13 models went on sale simultaneously, in mid-September. Although it was only a few weeks of the quarter, it probably helped drive that huge growth.

The iPad also had a strong quarter. While revenue of $ 8.25 billion makes it the smallest of Apple’s top five product categories (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Services, and “Portable, Home and Accessories”), the iPad category grew 21 percent from a year earlier. The Mac, on the other hand, was stable – revenue of $ 9.2 billion rose just two percent – but that was enough for Apple to say it was a new all-time record for the Mac.

Apple’s service business has been growing steadily for years, so it’s no surprise that revenue of $ 18.3 billion this quarter was also an all-time record. But for the Mac, it’s interesting to see how it has reached a high level without the new MacBook Pro models on the market to help move the needle. Now that the new MacBook Pro has been released, it’s worth seeing how it will affect Mac’s overall revenue in the next quarter.

The group of wearables, household items and accessories also grew strongly, but not spectacularly (an increase of 12 percent). But just like with the Mac, the next quarter could be huge for that segment – the new Apple Watch Series 7 and third-generation AirPods headphones have just been released and it’s easy to imagine that these products have a big impact.

As usual, Apple is holding a conversation with investors at 5pm ET, and we’ll be eavesdropping to see if CEO Tim Cook has anything noticed to share this quarter.

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