M1 MacBook Air runs “graduation delay station” [Setups]

If you’re going to huddle in a corner of the room and work until you get an MBA, you can do so on the M1 MacBook Air and have a nice view of the trains passing by. Except both of these things could help you procrastinate.

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This is the situation of Redditor sup3rnova with today’s prominent installations. They describe a simple but effective workstation in their post “High School Procrastination Station”.

“My monitor arrived today, so I wanted to publish my updated graduate study setup,” they said. “Far more modest compared to my previous one I published a few years ago.”

Regardless of the previous setup, we can’t say where they came from. But where they are now they seem to be working well. It doesn’t hurt that the large windows in front of the lineup overlook the railroad tracks and the nearby station. As sup3nova notes in the post, there is a lot of greenery in the warmer months.

The M1 MacBook Air and Lenovo ThinkPad share time

While the M1 MacBook Air seems to be the main setup computer, this is another setting where the Mac and PC – the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano – share responsibilities.

“I use the MacBook and X1 alternately [Nano], depending on which one I use, ”said sup3rnova. “Both are USB-C so there is only one cable for (disconnection). I (unfortunately) use Lenovo for school so there is more time in front of the screen. ”

Although it sounds like the suppnova prefers the Mac, both are solid laptops with great specs in a compact package. Both are super lightweight. The M1 MacBook Air weighs 2.8 pounds and the ThinkPad Nano 2 pounds.

If Sup3nova ever leaves its lair to acquire an MBA and spot trains, they could easily carry both machines at once.

Clutter is a relative concept

The rest of the setup is pretty simple – the simplicity itself, really. Sup3nova uses laptop keyboards, so there is no external keyboard. Another input device used is the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 mouse, which has a solid scroll wheel and a fair degree of programmability.

Among the items on the table is Grovemade vinyl backing. And furniture is a good choice. The Herman Miller Set chair is not bent, nor is the practically mobile CB2 Go-Cart Black Rolling Desk.

But it was a so-called mess that another Redditor decided to focus on, recommending the shelf.

“What a mess? lol, ”sup3nova replied. “If you mean the folder and a few notebooks on top of the file cabinet, these are things I use multiple times a day and prefer to have them at hand and visible – everything else is stored in the locker.

“I don’t like (open) shelves because I think they contribute to visual chaos and disorder,” they continued. “I was thinking of getting a closed closet because this room is practically empty and I have enough space, but I feel it would only propagate holding unnecessary things, so I decided against it.”

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