Luigi’s Mansion: Nintendo, the first Lego sets

Kids play with Lego Luigi and Lego Frog in Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-Seek expansion kit.

Picture: Lego

Nintendo puts on the spotlights Mario so much so that when they turn an eye to his younger brother Luigi, makes those moments shine brighter. So it goes with Lego: from a few months ago, green plumber has its own Super Mario beginner’s course, and now he got something sets all for yourself. Well, and ghosts and goblins who want a piece of his overalls.

Trio expansion will arrive in 2022 with all the themes Luigi’s Mansion, that wonderfully charmingg subseries where Luigi Mario goes to the haunted houses and smashed the spirits with a vacuum cleaner. For $ 30, the Lab and Poltergust set will feature Professor E. Gadd and his lab, where you can test them catching phantoms skills with Poltergust that comes with the Strobulb supplement. Catching the golden spirit will reward you with a coin, if you needed an incentive to catch that jerk.

The second set, Entryway, will cost $ 40 and offers you to come up with a creative way to beat Bogmire. You will also have to look for Polterpup’s golden bone and return it to him. Just try to avoid being scared by the bu as you walk around.

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