Lucid will begin shipping its luxury Air EV in late October

After approximately five years of operation, Lucid Air is finally close to delivering to customers. Lucid Motors said that it has started the production of the luxury EV and that it expects to deliver the first Dream Edition models at the end of October. There will be only 520 Dream units (suitable for an estimated car range of 520 miles). However, Lucid will not harm the first customers. Even if only some of the 13,000 reservation owners commit to the purchase, that is a significant volume for a top car of a relatively new brand.

Those numbers could increase. The new carmaker is planning a rapid expansion that will add about 65 acres (2.85 million square meters) to the Casa Grande factory, Arizona. He may need an extra exit. Lucid plans to mass-produce its first SUV, the Gravity, in 2023, and electric SUVs have been in high demand lately.

Air starts at $ 77,400. With its potential to beat Tesla, it promises rare benefits like Dolby Atmos sound, very fast charging (20 minutes for 300 miles) and a 34-inch cabin screen.

There is no guarantee that Lucid will succeed in competition with Tesla, Rivian and the rapid electrification of current car brands. Although his strategy is familiar to Tesla fans (the first really big EV was also a luxury sedan), Lucid is entering a much established market with competitors who have enough resources and name recognition. In this regard, just entering production is a significant feat. Electric vehicle drivers like Faraday Future and Lordstown Motors are still struggling to get to that point, giving Lucid a significant advantage over some of its key rivals.

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