Live photography of the Apple Watch Series 7 with the Series 6 offers a better view of the screen size

Rumors have predicted a heavily redesigned Apple Watch Series 7 with thinner bezels and a boxer shape. When Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 7 last month, we realized that very little had changed in terms of design. As Apple’s latest smartwatch started arriving to users, we’ll see a bunch of photos. Until then, the new image compares the screen size of the Apple Watch 7 Series with the 6 Series.

Apple claims that the new Apple Watch Series 7 comes equipped with a 20% larger screen as opposed to the Series 6. This is achieved by reducing the frame and adding curvature to the screen. Apple already has a detailed comparison of the Apple Watch Series 7 vs Series 6 on its website. However, the real-life picture tends to give a much clearer picture.

In the image above, you can see that the Apple Watch Series 7 comes equipped with a slightly larger screen. Meanwhile, the size of the case has not increased much. In other words, Apple has managed to squeeze a larger screen with a marginal increase in case size. The new watchOS user interface has larger keys and a QWERTY keyboard, both of which have a long advantage due to the larger display. In addition to the screen, the Apple Watch Series 7 boasts fast charging and firmer construction.

The latest Apple Watch Series 7 is less grainy than the previous one. We who expected a complete overhaul of the design were disappointed. There is not much to write about the design of the Apple Watch 7 series. Furthermore, the latest Apple Watch has no highlight feature other than a larger screen. We wonder if the device has reached the saturation point. In this regard, check out the Apple Watch Series 7 review to get a better idea.

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