LinkedIn’s engagement continues to grow, with ad revenue growing amid economic recovery

LinkedIn continues to record “record levels” of engagement, with user sessions up 19% in the last quarter, according to a report by parent company Microsoft.

As you can see on this slide from Microsoft’s earnings report for the first quarter of 2022, LinkedIn engagement has risen again, while advertising revenue on the platform has also risen 42% annually “stimulated by strong demand for advertising and improving the labor market”.

LinkedIn is in a good position to take advantage of the revival of business activities as the introduction of the COVID vaccine continues. With more and more people looking for new jobs and businesses looking to reshape their processes, many of whom want to adapt new approaches to hybrid participation, the platform will be a key connector, connecting B2B organizations, in particular, with new opportunities.

LinkedIn has continued to thrive under Microsoft, which bought the platform back in 2016 – although it has had significant problems recently, with the app essentially being kicked out of China due to increasing state regulation in the region.

According to the latest census, LinkedIn had a total of 774 million members, but China’s loss will remove about 54 million from that statistic.

LinkedIn members worldwide

Of course, as we noted earlier, ‘members’ and ‘active users’ are not the same thing, but usage data shows that overall engagement on LinkedIn continues to grow, even without a certain number of exactly how many people use the platform each month. .

LinkedIn has continued to add new tools to help advertisers take advantage of growing audience engagement, including the option to increase paid reach posts, long-term posting tools on the company’s website, and a new learning center to facilitate professional development.

LinkedIn also wants to take advantage of the growing interest in digital events, which will be somewhat reduced as COVID constraints ease, but LinkedIn still sees a significant opportunity in hosting virtual features on its platform, allowing brands to maximize reach and exposure through the app.

LinkedIn also seeks to engage with the creator economy, with its own creator tools and funding initiatives, designed to provide a greater incentive for thought leaders to maximize their presence on LinkedIn.

Which seems to be less appealing, in general, than similar programs on more creative platforms like TikTok or Instagram, but many business professionals also want to establish their presence through LinkedIn, and the better, more interesting content LinkedIn can add to its platform, the better.

Clearly, the figures suggest it is on the right track, although it is impossible to say how much of it has been driven by posts on LinkedIn, and how much by wider workforce trends.

Anyway, some more usage data to consider in your LinkedIn marketing approach.

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