LinkedIn Launches New Updates for Sales Navigator, Including Improved Opportunity Discovery Options

LinkedIn has rolled out its latest quarterly update for its Sales Navigator platform, which includes some new features to help sales professionals maximize their opportunities in the app, by utilizing various forms of LinkedIn data and insight to highlight relevant trends and potential leads.

First off, LinkedIn has refreshed the app’s home page, in order to put more focus on Alerts and Priority Accounts, while there’s also a new “Bookmarked Alerts” tab to customize your display.

The new layout will help sales professionals stay on top of the key elements for their process, while also enabling a level of customization via the bookmarked updates.

LinkedIn’s also updated its Search options in Sales Navigator, providing more insight as to how you can use the available data to help you pinpoint the right leads and accounts faster.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Now, when clicking into the Search toolbar, sellers will automatically be directed to a new intuitive and collapsible larger view that shows all available filters, including additional options like“ Company Headquarters ”and“ TeamLink connections of. ” As you refine your search and change filters, you can watch your update results as you go, shortening the time to find your ideal leads at new or existing accounts.

That’s a good way to highlight the various search filters available, which many people don’t realize as they go about conducting searches in the app.

And finally, LinkedIn’s also adding new, advanced CRM connection options, which includes the integration of a new “At-Risk Opportunities” list, which will highlight contacts who have left open opportunities, generated by data in your CRM.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator update

Sales Navigator can be a valuable tool for marketers, with a range of key insights, based on LinkedIn’s massive database of professional info, that can help shine a light on key opportunities, guiding you towards more valuable, beneficial connections.

The new home page layout will help showcase this potential, while the more upfront presentation of the various search filters will also help marketers better understand the options available to them in honing in their discovery.

You can learn more about Sales Navigator here.

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