LinkedIn Launches New Ad Campaign to Highlight Rising Conversation in the App

LinkedIn has launched a new ad campaign which aims to highlight the power of community on the platform, and how that can help guide users in their career progression.

The campaign, which is now live in the UK, Indiaand Germany, presents LinkedIn’s growing membership as a dinner table conversation, where users can move their respective seats to find the discussions that best suit their interests.

As explained by LinkedIn:

For many of us, the last two years of uncertainty have been a period of great reflection and the catalyst to truly identify what it is we really want from our lives […] Our global research underlines this sentiment, with huge swathes of us spending time reassessing and revaluating our lives and careers – with 67% of people in the UK, 57% in Germany and 82% in India considering a new challenge this year. We are a workforce that’s on the move and looking for change. “

Within that, LinkedIn is facilitating new career discussions and opportunities, whether via LinkedIn Events, audio rooms, InMail, etc.

It’s a good campaign, which underlines the rising activity in the app – though it seems more suited to, say, Clubhouse instead, which is solely focused on topical discussions.

But LinkedIn has, of course, copied Clubhouse’s key features, while the platform is also seeing ‘record levels of engagement’ according to a report from parent company Microsoft.

Maybe, then, LinkedIn is the place to be engaged in many types of discussions, and the dinner table metaphor does seem like an inviting way to present social media discourse.

Even if it’s not accurate. Can you imagine a real dinner table discussion inspired by social media apps? The Twitter one would be chaotic, then you’d have your family and friends altogether on the Facebook table, and a bunch of weird folk over at the Reddit end.

But the base idea is appealing, especially with career development in mind, and it seems like a good way to promote LinkedIn.

As noted, the new campaign is now live in the UK, Indiaand Germany and will run throughout June 2022 across TV, VOD and digital channels.

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