LinkedIn is adding long-term posts for company pages, new options for measuring ad performance

LinkedIn seeks to provide brands with more ways to increase their content efforts on the platform and take advantage of the growing level of user engagement, with a new feature for the company’s pages called “Articles for Pages”.

As it sounds, Page Articles is an extension of LinkedIn’s blogging option that has been available for personal profiles since 2014. Now company pages will also be able to create posts and share them directly in the app.

As LinkedIn explained:

While members on LinkedIn have long had the ability to create and publish long articles on the platform, organizations have been limited to counting characters for organic posts in the feed. This is no longer the case with page articles. ”

LinkedIn says this option will better allow brands to engage their audience on LinkedIn without having to leave the platform, while it will also provide more opportunities to present company content, including links, withdrawal quotes, etc.

Another question is whether brands will want to share their best content on LinkedIn, as opposed to returning traffic to their own websites, but LinkedIn notes that brands will also be able to use their posts for en Encourage actions in the next step “such as tracking your page, clicking on your website or downloading resources”.

Thus, it can still be used as a means to encourage direct response, providing a way to take advantage of growing engagement trends within the application, and it is used as a means to generate potential customers among engaged, active and targeted audiences.

The latter could actually be the most significant benefit offered here. Through long-standing posts on companies, LinkedIn will also provide access to detailed insights into the audience, including the “firmography of the people who read and communicate with the content”.

Especially for B2B brands, this could be a valuable option for gathering certain information about your target audience and improving your access to content to increase the attractiveness of key decision makers.

It will take a bit of experimentation and analysis to measure the relative performance of the content hosted on LinkedIn, relative to your website, but there could be value here for those looking to access the growing LinkedIn discussion and reach key business groups on web information location.

The announcement comes as part of LinkedIn’s latest quarterly update, as part of which LinkedIn announced several other settings and updates designed to help improve the company’s engagement.

Among them, LinkedIn has also announced an updated integration between its live streaming tools and Events, which will allow brands to schedule live events on the platform. This will facilitate new promotion options for upcoming live video events, while LinkedIn also lowers the threshold for accessing LinkedIn Live, reducing it from 500 followers of pages or links (for personal profiles) to 150.

In addition, LinkedIn adds two new ad optimization options:

  • Brand augmentation testing Similar to Brand Lift on other platforms, LinkedIn will now allow brands to measure the impact of their promotions by “taking a basic perception of your brand and then testing the impact of those ads on keywords against key metrics”. The option is now available in Campaign Manager.
  • Reach optimization – LinkedIn will now allow advertisers to optimize their reach for unique member accounts, providing more capacity to reach new audiences with your promotions.

Finally, LinkedIn has also added a new reach and frequency forecast in Campaign Manager, which will provide estimates of the predicted results of your brand awareness campaigns. The new list will appear in your campaign settings.

Example of predicting the reach of LinkedIn ads

Of course, most of these tools have been available on other platforms for some time, so they won’t be completely new to social media managers, but they add LinkedIn’s tools, which could provide more capacity to better manage your performance, and increase your spending.

How much each one will be worth will depend on your unique use and your LinkedIn audience engagement – but at the very least there are some valuable new additions you can experiment with, and yet, with the increase and increase in LinkedIn engagement over the last two years, and with expectations by increasing post-pandemic recovery, it might be worth paying more attention to a professional social network.

You can read the latest quarterly update of the LinkedIn platform here.

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