LinkedIn adds new tools to the company’s sites, including job flexibility lists and tracking competitors

As the recovery after the pandemic now begins to take shape, many people are looking for new jobs, and many companies want to bring in new employees as they reopen and plan for a brighter future.

Which represents a significant opportunity for LinkedIn, and as it seeks to take advantage of these growing trends, the platform today announced some new features for LinkedIn company sites that will help businesses better align with the next phase of the process.

First, LinkedIn adds a new option to display ‘Primary Workplace’ on company profiles, which will allow businesses to outsource whether their employees are generally ‘remote’, ‘hybrid’ or ‘on-site’ to provide greater transparency regarding available options.

As you can see here, the new ‘Primary Workplace Policy’ option will allow brands to list their staff flexibility capacities at the top line of their display on the page, which could help attract a wider range of potential job candidates amid ongoing WFH shifts. In the same space, companies will also be able to communicate about their vaccine policies, salary adjustments and more.

LinkedIn has also added similar job lists, providing more ways for companies to share specific policies and approaches to clarify what they offer as a job. This will make it easier to filter out potential candidates and simplify recruitment processes, with options essentially working as a device to screen potential clients.

LinkedIn also wants to improve its My Company options, which allow brands to manage employee engagement in the app.

LinkedIn first added its My Company tools back in February, providing the means to communicate directly with employees on the platform and encouraging the sharing of specific updates to expand promotions and announcements.

Now LinkedIn is adding more capacity on this front:

With this [new] updates, you can easily select content from your page on the My Company tab with a simple click of a button. We’ll notify employees as soon as new content is curated and put them right in the resharing experience, so they know exactly how they can help spread your messages. We will also show employees how important their resharing is, with a dynamic visualization of the content that others in the organization share. ”

Update LinkedIn company pages

The principle behind the My Company tab is that individuals attract more engagement on LinkedIn than brand profiles, while Employees are 60% more likely to engage in peer positions than regular members. Understandably, therefore, enabling more direct sharing among employees is a better way to reinforce your messages, both among your staff and across LinkedIn.

The new updates provide more options on this front and could be worth testing as part of your employee advocacy program.

And finally, LinkedIn added a new one customizable competition analytics on the Analytics tab of your LinkedIn page, which allows you to add up to nine of your competitors to measure the performance of their LinkedIn page.

Analytics LinkedIn site

Much like Facebook pages to watch, the list gives you a basic comparison of the performance of other pages in your niche on LinkedIn, which will make you either feel better or worse about your own numbers.

But LinkedIn was deliberately cautious about it, providing only basic metrics as a comparison, as opposed to detailed performance data, which could act more as a disincentive. It also, inevitably, means that the data presented won’t give you much for further, but it can help provide some context in terms of your results and how they match others in your niche.

LinkedIn further notes that it will soon add engagement rate metrics to improve this option.

These are some interesting additions that could provide more guidance in your LinkedIn management process and help optimize your recruitment and maximize brand messages. The relative effects of each will come down to how you use them, but it’s definitely worth experimenting with them and see if they bring benefits to your business.

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