LG is preparing for the transition of the iPad Pro to OLED screens 2023

LG Display has “started developing” 12.9-inch OLED screens for the iPad Pro, according to a new report. Production is expected to begin shortly before Apple transitions from the mini-LED display in 2023 or 2024.

LG is said to be launching “two-stack tandem technology”, which uses two red, green and blue emission layers. This could allow the iPad Pro screen to be twice as bright as traditional OLED panels and significantly longer lasting.

The OLED switch iPad Pro could happen in 2023

The iPad Pro has just replaced the LCD screen technology, which Apple has been using in the iPad since the original, with a new mini-LED screen. It is currently only available on the 12.9-inch model, and in many ways it is significantly better.

Mini-LED technology offers similar advantages as OLED, such as more vivid colors, true black, and higher energy efficiency — but without the possibility of burnout. It is likely to expand its reach to the 11-inch iPad Pro next year.

But it seems that Apple has not given up on introducing OLED screens in its leading iPad models. The Elec reports that LG has begun developing new dual-layer tandem OLED panels for the future 12.9-inch iPad Pro revision.

“Currently, it seems very likely that Apple’s first OLED iPad will use the LG Display OLED panel,” the report said. Production is expected to be between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

The 11-inch iPad Pro won’t miss out

The same report claims that the 11-inch iPad Pro will switch to OLED panels at the same time, but could be produced by Samsung-Apple’s longtime OLED display supplier — alongside the LG Display.

If this information is correct, it indicates that mini-LED screens are nothing more than a downtime — perhaps one that allows Apple to improve the iPad Pro’s screen while waiting for even better OLED technologies to become available.

OLED is still considered superior to mini LEDs. But unless manufacturers can’t find a way to completely eliminate combustion, it may not be suitable for productivity-focused devices that are used a lot.

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