LG Display says its new ‘OLED EX’ technology increases brightness by up to 30 percent

LG Display has introduced its next generation of OLED technology, called “OLED EX”, which should “boost brightness by up to 30 percent compared to conventional OLED screens,” the company said. This could help to correct the biggest shortcoming of OLED in addition to mini LED technology, ie the lack of overall brightness.

As the LG Display points out, each OLED pixel emits light independently, which means it can be fully turned on or off. This allows TVs to display perfect blacks without “blooming” on LED TVs, but at the same time, OLED pixels cannot achieve the same brightness levels as LEDS. Current OLED sets can display peak brightness levels of up to about 500-600 nits, while mini LED sets can reach 2,000 nits and more.

LG Display

To make OLED sets brighter, OLED EX (Evolution / eXperience) uses deuterium compounds to allow light-emitting diodes to emit stronger light. “When stabilized, deuterium compounds allow the display to emit brighter light while maintaining high efficiency for a long time,” says LG Display.

OLED EX also provides improved color accuracy. It apparently uses algorithms to predict the use of 33 million OLED diodes in an 8K display, so that it “precisely controls the energy input of the screen to more accurately express the details and colors of the video content being played.”

The company has also improved its design, reducing thickness by 30 percent and frame size from 6 to 4 mm on 65-inch OLED screens. The company has not yet said when it plans to launch the technology, but pointed out that OLED sales increased by 70 percent last year despite a 12 percent drop in the global TV market. “With our new OLED EX technology, we aim to provide an even more innovative, cutting-edge customer experience through the evolution of our OLED technology, algorithms and design,” said Dr. Oh Chang-ho of LG Display.

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