Lego Star Wars Battles explode on Apple Arcade

“Lego Star Wars Battles” allows Chewbacca to fight Bobe Fett. Or have Ewok attack Tusken Raider.

The latest addition to Apple Arcade really brings “war” Star Wars. Look for a combination of one-on-one real-time combat and tower defense with classic characters Lego Star Wars battles.

The game debuted on Friday and can be played on a number of Apple devices.

Pit Chewbacca v. Bob Fett in Lego Star Wars battles

A new game developed by TT Games Brighton allows players to mix heroes, villains and vehicles from around the world Star Wars galaxy. A strategy is necessary to deploy troops and build Lego towers on the battlefield to destroy your opponent’s base while defending yours.

TT Games promises that players can “run your favorite Lego Star Wars Real-time characters, multiplayer PvP battles in arenas inspired by legendary locations from across the galaxy! ”

There are recognizable characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bobe Fett, and they have unique abilities, like Vader’s Force Slam and Luke Skywalker’s Force Push. In addition, there are porgons, raiders and combat droids. There are options from every era of the series, along with vehicles from the AT-AT to the X-Wing.

“It’s easy to pick up and play, and it also offers a deep strategy in building the deck and innovatively occupying territory for more experienced players,” said Jason Avent, studio director, TT Games Brighton.

Take the lightsaber and head towards the Apple Arcade

Lego Star Wars battles it can now be installed from the Apple Arcade section of the App Store. The game is for one or two players, and there are versions for iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple TV – although the game is clearly designed for mobile phones. Regardless of the platform, you can use an external game controller.

Consider similar games Lego Brawls i A journey of Lego builders, because both are also part of Apple’s gaming service. Playing these plus 200+ other titles costs $ 4.99 per month.

Let Apple Arcade be with you.

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