Learn something useful for just $ 20 this week with these e-learning packages on sale

You can always learn more, and sometimes you can do it for a pittance compared to college courses or professional tutors. Below are some of the best e-learning offerings. And for the next few days, you can get any of these course packages for just $ 20.

A complete package of preparations for Microsoft Azure certification for 2021

Microsoft Azure is an incredibly useful tool that you have in your repertoire, but like everything, it’s hard to learn on your own. This 42-hour package of six courses is perfect for beginners at Azure.

Buy now: Get a complete 2021 Azure certification preparation package for $ 20 for a limited time.

Microsoft PowerShell certificate package


This three-course package is perfect for any early IT professional. Learn how to manage an active directory, automate tasks, and advanced scripting at a speed that suits you.

Buy now: Get the Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle for $ 20 for a limited time.

Cyber ​​security and IT certification training package from A to Z.


Cyber ​​security is more important now than it ever was, and with this 114-hour package you can become a master at it. In courses like The Art of Exploitation, you will learn how to prevent security threats by understanding the way they are created.

Buy now: Get an A to Z training package on cyber security and IT certification for $ 20 for a limited time.

A package of top beginners to guitar teaching experts


Play like a pro after roaring through this 59-hour guitar training package. Attend classes like “Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist” for total beginners and watch you progress with chords throughout the song. Train yourself in things you can’t learn on your own and start making music.

Buy now: Get The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle for $ 20 for a limited time.

A package of top programs for the preparation of power engineers


Electrical engineering is a competitive and rewarding field, but it is also locked behind intense expertise and high demand for experience. You can gain that expertise and gain that experience by jumping into this training package. In five courses you will know more than you would know in months of self-study.

Buy now: Obtain a Top Electrical Engineering Engineer Training Program Package for $ 20 for a limited time.

A super package of top machine learning for artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is one of the most useful tools available to you. You can learn to master it, design it and use it with this 79-hour deep dive. Practice coding with Python and understanding deep learning at once.

Buy now: Get the Super Artificial Intelligence Machine Super Learning package for $ 20 for a limited time.

A complete package of master classes for building a wealth of cryptocurrencies and NFT


NFTs and cryptocurrencies are now bigger than they ever were, and with this 11-hour package you can learn how to get involved in the action. Create your own NFT, learn to passively increase your wealth and more!

Buy now: Get a complete suite of master classes to build a wealth of cryptocurrency and NFT for $ 20 for a limited time.

Java programming certificate package Java


These eight Java courses are exactly what you need to learn one of the most commonly used programming languages. You will have lifelong access to all course materials so you can master Java at the pace you set.

Buy now: Obtain a Premium Java software certification package for $ 20 for a limited time.

Basics of real estate investing


Open the door to the world of real estate investing with this 17-hour training package. Even if you are completely new to the real estate world, you will come out of this course with expertise that will guide you in investing and bring you significant returns.

Buy now: Get Real Estate Investment Basics for $ 20 for a limited time.

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