Learn Python from a true professional with this 46-hour course

Python is one of the most useful coding languages ​​you can learn. In fact, it is the most searched language on the PYPL index, which means it is also the most popular. You can become a Python master with Python Hands-On

This educational package includes 46 hours of study, 210 exercises, five projects, five assignments and two exams. And this tsunami of education coding is on sale for only $ 19.99 (regularly $ 200).

Learn Python

This Python course is huge. This is the first and last place you need to go to learn Python, and it gives you enough instructions and materials to start coding and creating right away.

With this course you get 271 lectures that represent 45 hours of content. This means that if you sit and listen and work through the course material non-stop – without practicing skills, taking breaks, applying what you learn or anything else – it will still take you almost two days to complete it. But you would not rush through all these lessons, especially because you have them for life.

Instead, take your time working through lessons that will teach you the basics of Python. You will immerse yourself in real-world work to leverage your newly acquired knowledge of Python. In class, you will design five complete projects like what you would do in a professional environment. In addition, you can take the included exams to test your learning and your skills.

All lessons and lectures are given by Musa Arda, senior software engineer and machine learning expert. Arda’s degree in industrial engineering and 14 years of experience in software engineering have made him an absolute professional in languages ​​like Python. He is the perfect instructor to guide you through this complex and incredibly useful language.

Save on Python Hands-On

Get Python practically with 46 hours, 210 exercises, 5 projects, 5 assignments, 2 exams on sale for $ 19.99 (regularly $ 200). And if you want something to guide your web design practice when applying Python, check out this wireframe app!

Prices are subject to change.

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