Learn a new language (or two) with this premium language app

Learn a valuable new skill and master new languages ​​with this top-of-the-line application suite.
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Looking for a valuable new skill to learn in the new year that will improve your problem-solving skills and open new career doors? Consider subscribing to The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring Rosetta Stone.

Yes, you get the well-known premium Rosetta Stone language learning app. But you also get access to StackSkills, a learning library with more than 1,000 courses that cover topics from coding and design to marketing and technology. With this package, your learning potential is unlimited!

Learn language and other valuable skills

One of the positive things that has emerged from the past two years of a full pandemic is the rise of affordable digital learning tools. Using online platforms to boost your resume or career by developing leisure skills is a smart idea.

And this package has a strong one-two hit. Pairs one of the most respected language applications anywhere with a well-rounded library of courses to help you hone the career skills you want.

Rosetta Stone Language Application

Not less than The Wall Street Journal said Rosetta Stone, “perhaps the next best thing to live in the country,” and it’s easy to see why. The language app offers an impressive, intuitive approach that allows you to write, read and speak like a native in an instant.

Rosetta Stone begins by combining words with pictures. It then switches to interactive lessons that use TruAccent, a sophisticated speech recognition technology. It evaluates your speech and helps you improve your accent with instant feedback. You can learn up to 24 languages ​​(but only one at a time) using this award-winning software. And that can help you gain access to jobs or a whole new way of life abroad.

StackSkills: Courses in almost everything

And if your quest for knowledge doesn’t stop with the new language, subscribing to StackSkills in this package will undoubtedly include something you’ll love. Whether you want to advance or change your career, this ever-expanding library offers 50 new courses each month. The course covers topics from IT and development, through graphic design and finance, to business and more. And they are all taught by more than 350 top instructors online.

Save on a subscription package for unlimited lifelong learning

Get the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Package featuring Rosetta Stone for $ 199 (regular $ 1,794). Use code LEARN10NOW for an additional 15% discount on the sale price.

Prices are subject to change.

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