Kuo: The 2022 iPad Air will not use OLED to avoid damaging the 11-inch iPad Pro sales

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Rumors of Apple’s decision to cancel the development of OLED screens for the iPad Air in 2022 have been heightened by a warning from analysts to investors, with Apple continuing to use the LCD to avoid a conflict with the upcoming 11-inch update of the iPad Pro.

It was announced on Wednesday that Apple has canceled plans to introduce the iPad Air with OLED screens in 2022, along with the iPad Pro which will get the technology in 2023. In a note to investors, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities he seemingly supported the lawsuit.

According to Kuo, in a note he saw Appleinsider, Apple is expected to “continue to use TFT-LCD technology until 2022.” This is also obvious for “marketing and technical reasons”.

On the marketing side, a version of the 22-inch iPad Pro with a mini LED display is expected to arrive in 2022. However, since OLED is “positioned as state-of-the-art display technology,” considered OLED iPad Air can be detrimental to high-end position and delivery “11-inch mini LED Pro Pro.

The technical reason for this is obviously a consequence of production, because “performance and cost could not meet Apple’s requirements.”

While Kuo believes the mini LED will be “one of the key outlets for the iPad” by 2023, the current cost structure will make it a “challenge for mid-range and low-end iPad models to adopt” displays. Therefore, the company believes that the MacBook Pro will “mostly drive” mini LED deliveries.

The new note draws from the second Kuo forecast from March 2021, the one that expected the OLED iPad Air to arrive in 2022, and that the mini LED 11-inch iPad Pro went into production in April.

Updated at 19:15 East: The original version of the report says that the iPad Air 2022 will have a mini LED, which is not true. The note states that Apple will continue to use the existing LCD technology used in the iPad Air, instead of switching to mini LEDs. AppleInsider regrets the error and therefore updated the article after requesting clarification.

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