Kia’s electric SUV concept includes a large 27-inch screen

Hyundai’s LA Auto Show concepts include more than just the showroom on wheels. As Autoblog He notes that the Kia badge company presented the Concept EV9 as a look at a possible “next model” in its line of electric vehicles. The angular design language is the centerpiece, but the real highlight may be the technology that, in some cases, obscures the EV6. First, the cockpit is dominated by a single 27-inch screen that covers the needs of both driver and passengers – not as huge as the Hyperscreen in the Mercedes EQS, but more expansive than the twin 12-inch EV6 panels.

You can also expect solid performance with a range of up to 300 miles and a 350 kW charge that brings the Concept EV9 from 10 percent to 80 percent in 30 minutes. So, the Concept EV9 will not outlast the Tesla Model Y, but it could provide a shorter stop.


There are obvious details of the concept car. In addition to a yoke-like point, the EV9 can turn into a social hub when at rest. The pause mode turns the second row into a table and turns the first row backwards, while the enjoyment mode rotates the third row and opens the tailgate for parties and admiring nature. You can also expect mandatory eco-friendly materials such as recycled fishing nets (flooring), reused plastic bottles (seats) and vegan leather interiors.

Kia hasn’t said how much this could look like a serial EV9, though we wouldn’t be surprised if the company cuts down the rotating seats, yoke and huge 22-inch wheels (among other things) for any real-world model. The biggest issue may be the price. Kia sold its first edition EV6 for $ 58,500, but it was a limited version with maximum consumption. We would expect Kia to offer more aggressive prices if there is an EV9 delivery, although a road-ready machine could easily cost more than a Niro EV.

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