Keeping weird with a ‘dual screen laptop’ and an ortholinear keyboard [Setups]

We see a lot of workstations with two or more screens here in Setups Central, but we can’t remember seeing a “dual screen laptop” or a “laptop monitor assembly.” These are the terms we coined for another portable screen mounted below the laptop screen and on top of its keyboard, as in today’s setup.

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This may sound (and look) weird, but it works quite well if you have a laptop set open on a stand and you can place a bracket for another monitor so it doesn’t damage the laptop keyboard underneath. This is exactly what Redditor inperiuscici (let’s just say “Cici”) showed in his post, “My little corner is just like this.”

And if the small stacked displays weren’t weird enough, they also use a mechanical keyboard with an ortholinear layout – another rarity. This seems to be the first to appear ua Cult Maca Article on settings.

But first, pay attention to the Lego Wall-E

And it would be wrong not to mention the Wall set from Lego on the left side of the photo, in the back. As some Redditors have commented, this is all they have noticed, despite the other unusual features of the setup. The Wall-E model is wonderful. You can also buy RGB lighting kits for it, to really make you stand out.

Fun decor and cool toys can steal thunder from even the scariest setups.

Portable monitor

And now back to the main elements of the setting.

Cici bought a small small 14-inch Lenovo ThinkVision Full HD portable monitor and mounted it using a modified phone cradle. They included a piece of foam to prevent the stand from pressing the MacBook spacebar under the weight of the portable monitor.

The screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and works at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Offers DisplayPort and USB-C connectivity. You can pick up a new one for about $ 250.

“I’m impressed with its quality even though it’s just a FullHD screen,” Cici said when asked why choose a portable monitor instead of a full external screen. “Lenovo has set it up pretty well so that texts and images are displayed [quite well] for me. I used to have a 23 inch screen and I sold it to buy this one. There are many reasons why I chose this portable screen instead of the normal one. But in short, it suits all my needs. ”

Ortolinear keyboard

The portable screen is located just above the MacBook Pro keyboard. The keyboard is not used, because Cici uses peripheral input devices, including a Logitech wireless mouse and a very unusual mechanical keyboard.

The mechanical keyboard is unusual because it has an ortholinear layout. The layout reduces the amount of finger movement required to reach the key, increasing typing efficiency (once you get used to it).

“Ortolinear keyboards are designed to increase efficiency and reduce finger movement when typing,” reads Idobao’s description of Cici’s ID75 keyboard. “Although great for an ortholinear board, the ID75 gives you the freedom to control each key – so if you’re good with it, it’s sure to make work and play much more fun and efficient.”

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