Jony Ive brings his design talents to Ferrari & Exor

Former Apple design manager Jony Ive has signed a long-term partnership with carmaker Ferrari and holding company Exor.

The multi-year contract between Exor and Ive’s LoveFrom was announced on Monday.

“The first expression of this new partnership will bring together Ferrari’s legendary performance and excellence with LoveFrom’s unrivaled experience and creativity that have defined outstanding products that are changing in the world,” Ferrari’s holding company Exor said in a statement.

“We believe in building big companies and building great partnerships. Soon after founding LoveFrom, we started talking to Jony and Marco about the possibilities of merging their world-famous creativity with ours, in a complementary and gradual way,” the president and CEO of Exor said. Ferrari John Elkann. “Ferrari represents the first, exciting opportunity to do great things together as we build our future. I am also delighted that Jony has joined our Partnership Council where we look forward to benefiting from his uniquely valuable prospects.”

Apart from just Ferrari, Exor owns a stake in Christian Louboutin. It also owns large stakes in the Stellantis automotive group, a majority stake in media house Gedi and the Juventis sports group. Exor Seeds has invested in 42 companies worldwide.

Ive and Marc Newson broke their usual silence and issued a statement about the deal.

“John and I have been friends for many years and are big fans of his insight and vision. We are thrilled to be embarking on such an important, long-term collaboration with Ferrari and the wider Exor,” the couple said. “As Ferrari owners and collectors, we could no longer be excited to work with this remarkable company, and especially with the design team expertly led by Flavio Manzoni. We see some uniquely exciting opportunities working together and we believe they will bring important and valuable work. “

Ive will join Exor’s Partnership Council. The Council is an annual forum and “relies on the experience, expertise and insights of a group of highly successful Exor friends and partners, to exchange ideas and explore potential business opportunities” according to Exor.

Ive left Apple in 2019 after almost three decades with the technology giant. He was involved in many iconic iMac projects for iPod to iPhone, and even Apple Park itself.

In July 2019, it was announced that he had left after years of dissatisfaction and absence. Ive reportedly didn’t like the company’s focus more on operations than on design, and that he wouldn’t attend his design meetings regularly

The Apple Silicon iMac released in April 2021 was at least partially designed by Ive. It is not clear whether the design work was done before or after Ivea left Apple in 2019.

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