Jawbone is suing Apple for patent infringement on AirPods

The zombie-like remnants of bankrupt bankruptcy company Jawbone are suing Apple for patent infringement. The claim relates to the noise cancellation functions used in the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max models.

Jawbone was once a successful company in the business of wearables and audio devices, with its fitness bands that were sold in Apple stores …

Things went downhill, however, when Apple withdrew both Jawbone and Nike bands from their retail outlets ahead of the 2015 Apple Watch launch.

By the following year, Jawbone was looking for a buyer, reportedly competing again with Fitbit, this time for an acquisition from Google. Jawbone lost that battle, and the company later left the consumer market, trying to turn to the medical field. That didn’t work either, so the company failed.

But Bloomberg reports that the rest of the company is now suing Apple and Google, claiming both companies have infringed eight of its noise revocation patents.

Patents originally owned by the dear company Jawbone Inc. from Silicon Valley, are at the center of new lawsuits seeking royalties from Google and Apple Inc. of Alphabet Inc. due to noise reduction technology in headphones, smartphones and smart home devices.

Jawbone Innovations LLC, the current owner of the patents, filed lawsuits Tuesday in federal court in Waco, Texas, the state’s most popular district over its patent-friendly judges and juries. […]

Eight patents in this case relate to ways to limit background noise in devices, a technology developed in the early years of Jawbone, when the Advanced Defense Projects Agency contracted it to research noise suppression techniques for the U.S. military, according to complaints. […]

Jawbone eventually liquidated its assets, while Fitbit bought Google earlier this year for $ 2.1 billion.

Google, Apple and other companies had the opportunity to buy the assets of the bankrupt company and they passed, according to the complaints. It is not clear from the lawsuits and submissions of the Patent and Trademark Office who is behind the company that now owns the patents. Jawbone Innovations is headquartered in a small office building in Waco without a phone number, and attorneys in this case are not immediately available.

Apple had no immediate comment, while Google said it disputed the claim and would “vigorously” defend itself.

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